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Inner Voice: Does It Really Exist?

By Adityasam @foralitelife
Wilson I think this one is the most hotly debated topic ever, Does an Inner Voice really exist? I mean, Do we feel it inside ourselves or do we hear it? Do we see an apparition of ourselves? Well, to one his own opinion, but seriously I've never been in a situation where I strongly felt like something from the inside of me directed me on how to do things. I mean, there have been situations when I was doing something bad, something told me to take the other path. So, Is that the inner voice?
That is how we people look at it. Some say that every person has two faces, the good, the bad (and the ugly, lol!) so, maybe that voice was coming from the good side. Alas, Now we have another problem, where does the good side come from?
Ultimately, what applies is Newton's third law, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so what happens is we do things, irrespective of whether we listen to the inner voice or good side maybe, there are end results to our actions.
Plus, there is a lot to it, if you are absolutely nonchalant, you wouldn't give a damn to all this, I guess! For all those who believe that an inner voice really exists, fine and good and try to listen to it more often, because rarely it tells you to do bad things, that's what I think. For those who don't believe it, do things your way but try to keep yourself happy.
I think it all comes from the 'human touch' we give to certain things, that's what Tom Hanks did to the Wilson Volleyball in 'Cast Away' and how dearly he misses it later. Personally, I believe that an inner voice does exist.
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