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I’m Flexin Workout

By Tatiannalovingfit @lovingfit

Dec 15, 2011 by

I'm Flexin

Today’s routine is a follow up to yesterday’s “ Destroy Me Workout “. And after you’re done with this routine, you are literally will be flexing in front of the mirror box

. As usual I was thinking about extending the intervals just a bit, but thank God I didn’t. Cause I barely survived it! If you are not drenched in sweat after this routine then you did’t push to your max!

In this workout I was using my timer, my My Pink Toy Lebert

, a pair of dumbbells 10 lbs each, a balance ball and a medicine ball. This routine will take you about 23 minutes to complete so make sure you do some cardio afterwards ( I walked my dog for 40 minutes and that was my moderate cardio ).

Always do a good warm-up before starting to exercise.

I’m Flexin Workout Video

Workout Explanation

Set your timer for 2 intervals of 10 seconds rest and 45 seconds maximum effort for the total of 24 rounds. There are only 7 exercises but one of them will be done twice per round. You will go through the following routine 3 times.

  • Close Grip Row
  • Wall mountain Climber
  • Runner
  • Wall Mountain Climber
  • Elevated Legs Medicine Ball Press
  • Dive Bomber on a Medicine Ball
  • Balance Ball Pass
  • Push-up and Row

My scores:

1) 18, 14, 14,

2) 26, 24, 21

3) 30, 26. 24

4) 27, 24, 23

5) 6, 5, 5

6) 6, 5, 5

7) 12, 13, 12

8, 7, 7

Share your scores!

PS – I will be updating tomorrow with Workout Recap and Beginner Variation Video.

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