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How To Do A Pull Up

By Nuwave

The pull up is a classic exercise used in both bodybuilding and general athleticism. Today I decided to make a video and put it on YouTube on how to do a pull up. The video is less than 3 min. long but it effectively shows you all the benefits of doing the pull up,  how to do a pull up correctly and also some tips.

how to do a pull up

How to Do a Pull Up

One of the reasons I enjoy doing pull ups so much is because while they’re extremely exhausting they can build tons of upper body strength. When I first started doing pull-ups I had never done any before in my life. I started it in P90X and that requires you to do pull-ups and chin-ups a couple times per week. Over time thanks to P90X I got a lot stronger in my upper body. Which as a result allowed me to increase my pull ups from one repetition into 20 repetitions in one go!

The moral of that story is no matter how many pull ups you can do starting out, stick with it and do your best. You’ll gradually get stronger over time and you’ll do more and more pull ups. Once you get over 15 reps it’s probably time to start adding the weighted vest to increase the intensity of pull-ups.

How to do a pull up

For those of you that don’t watch the YouTube video below here are the main tips that you need to know on how to do a pull up with good form.

how to do a pull up

Proper Lower Form

  • slow, precise, movement is very important when doing a pull up.
  • cross your feet when doing, it helps to stabilize your body
  • fully lock out your elbows when lowering yourself from the bar
  • quality over quantity, don’t worry about going super fast you want to have good clean form


These are just some tips that you can put into practice when learning how to do a pull up. I hope you guys enjoyed! please watch the demonstration video I created below and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel!


How to do a pull up
with Coach Lloyd


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