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How to Stop People From Taking Advantage of You

By Adityasam @foralitelife
Taking Advantage of Others It is commonly said that a person should neither be too straight nor too clever. Why is this saying popular?
This is what commonly happens to me, if I am too straight with people, they tend to make a fool out of me. On the other hand, when I try to be a bit clever, I’m done in by the extra-clever ones. This always leaves me confused, how exactly should I present myself to people?
Well, let’s face it, we all have at some point of time used people for different purposes. Have we ever asked ourselves, “Did I deceive someone really innocent?”
Actually, firing from others’ shoulders has become a common practice. Anyone can do this and people are indeed doing it.
So let me warn you, be attentive and take care of whatever you’re doing in the society and people around you.
But no matter how attentive you are, you just can’t stop everyone from taking advantage of you.
Who exactly are they?
Are they deceiving you?
Is the same person trying to take advantage of you over and over again?
Mind you, treat them very carefully.
However things may not be the way you’re thinking them to be. Has anyone misled you about the facts and wrongly told you that someone is trying to take advantage of you?
For all these, I suggest you follow what I do. Here they are listed below;

Realize Your Strengths

I don’t want to be used for other’s benefits and purposes. I really hate that.
So what I do is, I try to be confident.
I mean I’m good at so many things, I love doing my passions, I usually have lots of work to do, so why should I even bother to be outdone by them? No way, I’ve got enough responsibility myself and I am confident enough I can do them.
If I ain’t being confident, things can never be good with me.

Refined Emotional Levels

It has been observed and reported in several custom research papers that emotional power also plays a very important role in this matter.
For example, if someone is calling me for help then I try to show my willingness only after checking the matter and case.
Consider this, Why has that person called you?
Has he/she considered you as capable or are they trying to take advantage of you?
Do they see any benefits for you in it? Or is there is a selfish motive behind?
You should ask yourself all these before taking a decision.

How to Stop People From Taking Advantage of You

Are you being victimized by someone else' selfish motives?

Who are the ones playing this game?

It is high time you find out who the culprits are.
For how long has it been happening?
Is it someone in particular or is it because you’re too weak to stand up against?
You should consider these questions quite seriously because if you don’t then you aren’t living life to your full potential.
Your thoughts?
I hope I have inspired you enough to start taking action. Would you agree with me on the points I’ve mentioned above, let me know!
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How to Stop People From Taking Advantage of You
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