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Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette Paperblog Pick in Hair & Beauty

Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette

I think Urban Decay has just made my perfect everyday eyeshadow palette, I was massive fan of the original Naked Heat palette. Read more

Should Choose 100% Human Hair Wigs Paperblog Pick in Hair & Beauty

Why Should You Choose the 100% Human Hair Wigs

Wig is a fashion mark since it came to the world and it seems to be necessary for modern life already. According to the researches by famous fashion magazines, more than 50% of... Read more


  • MyGlamm STAY DEFINED 2 in 1 Liquid Eyeliner + HD Brow Powder Review

    MyGlamm STAY DEFINED Liquid Eyeliner Brow Powder Review

    I like makeup products that are easy to use so I rely on the #NewAgemakeup from Myglamm. These products are designed as #BeautyontheGo and are extremely... Read more

    5 hours, 5 minutes ago by   Jhilmil D Saha
  • How to Add a Touch of Vintage to Your Attire

    Touch Vintage Your Attire

    Does the term ‘vintage’ conjure up thoughts of Marilyn Monroe smiling, while her white dress flows in the air? Or perhaps, it’s the sight of Audrey Hepburn... Read more

    7 hours, 53 minutes ago by   Moin Khan
  • Svayam Natural Sesame Serum Review

    Svayam Natural Sesame Serum Review

    Hello All,Today I will be reviewing Svayam Natural Sesame Serum with Almond oil and Saffron. I love using Almond oil for my skin, but have never used Sesame... Read more

    8 hours, 33 minutes ago by   Skincarevilla
  • Why the Wedding Gift You Bring DOES Matter

    Wedding Gift Bring DOES Matter

    DISCLAIMER: Guest Post. Content and Images (From Google Images) by Guest Author A wedding is a big day not just for the bride and the groom rather the families... Read more

    8 hours, 39 minutes ago by   Niharika Verma
  • The First Time

    First Time

    Hi everyone, One thing that makes me insanely proud to be part of this generation is our determination to be heard. Never before has the world been so open to... Read more

    10 hours, 27 minutes ago by   Hollysbeautybox
  • Eric Lefkofsky: Medical Businessman and Entrepreneur

    Eric Lefkofsky: Medical Businessman Entrepreneur

    Eric Lefkofsky is a well-known medical businessman and entrepreneur who established Tempus. He is known among his colleagues as a [[ This is a content summary... Read more

    10 hours, 36 minutes ago by   Demi Mist
  • Enchanteur Body Mists Review

    Enchanteur Body Mists Review

    Hello everyone,Not so long ago I introduced you to the brand Enchanteur and their products which are based on the theme of French perfumes. Read more

    11 hours, 30 minutes ago by   Natasha Bhatt
  • What to Wear With Mens Cargo Shorts

    What Wear With Mens Cargo Shorts

    Mens cargo shorts is one of the most popular casual outfit in the wardrobe of men. Being characterized with multiple-pocket design, the best mens cargo... Read more

    14 hours, 17 minutes ago by   Zhangyaohui
  • Tips For Trousseau Shopping For NRI Bride / What Kind of Bridal Clothes to Choos...

    Tips Trousseau Shopping Bride What Kind Bridal Clothes Choose Marriage

    Trousseau shopping means shopping of clothes, accessories, jewelry, makeup and gifts of all kinds for a soon to be bride. It is the most important shopping in... Read more

    15 hours, 7 minutes ago by   Ritujain
  • Two Nights Stay at The Astro Motel

    Nights Stay Astro Motel

    Stepping on to the property at The Astro Motel is like stepping into a time capsule that is both Modern and Contemporary at the same time; if Solange and Italia... Read more

    15 hours, 42 minutes ago by   A Mused Blog


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