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Hearing Problem Because of the Rubella Virus, from the MMR Live Vaccine

By Blessed Self Healing @BlessedSource

Hearing problem  because of the Rubella virus, from the MMR live vaccineHello Friends and Family,

Since so many of you are praying for Brayden our 3 year old, I want you to know that God does answer prayer!!!! We had a very important doctor appointment yesterday in Austin, Texas.

Brayden has had his cochlear implants since November of 2011 but their have been many obstacles along the way. As of April 2012 we knew he was hearing and hearing well because he finally was responding to his name for the first time since he lost his hearing around 18mnths of age. but he does not seem to understand anything being said to him. He has seen several therapist and doctors and schools and they have all been stumped by the way Brayden responds or doesn't respond.

Literally everything has been trial and error to get anywhere with brayden and none of that working either till yesterday.... to keep this brief let me just say that we were divinely directed to this specialist and God so graciously chose a stranger and one of our dear Texas friends to find this doctor. So if you have ever questioned your faith or that God doesn't care about all the details of our lives, I hope this increases your faith today.

After being at a breaking point last tuesday night , Tom came home from work, calmed me down and told me that we just needed to get to Austin and not wait another day. So Wednesday I started calling for an appt in Austin about 4 hours from our home in Dallas. I left two voicemails and just kept calling every hour trying to get someone on the phone. I had heard it could take 3 to 4 months to get an initial appt. but i was determined we would have a date by the end of weds. 5th time I called and receptionist answered, all i tell her is that my 3 yr old has implants for profound deafness, he hears but we can't figure out if he understands and he would be a new patient. She asked no questions and said, " can you come this monday January 21st 1 pm?" I said yes, she said Great .

So we go yesterday and the first thing the lady at front desk says is our receptionist walked in and quit this am, its a little crazy today!.... I won't go thru all the details of the visit bc it is complicated to explain but basically Dr. Stewart adamantly believes Brayden has the Rubella virus( from the mmr live vacccine) laying dormant in the auditory nerve which is blocking the direct pathway to the brain to interpret the sound he hears. The virus is their bc his immune system has never been fully intact so the autoimmune response is to caue inflammation which is further keeping the virus hostage in the auditory nerve.

He is confident that with these essential vitamins that his body cannot break down for the body to use that he will get thru this cream, then thru some anitvirals etc in the next 9 mnths we should see him hearing with understanding so his verbalization will also make sense...

He also said bc he was a neuro surgeon for many years who became humbled that he couldn't fix the autistic kids with surgery that he took on this burden to help autism.

He knew God was saying to him "you can't fix these kids, Kendall. But I can. Are you ready for me to show you how?" God woke him up often at 4am after having biochemical equation dreams that once he woke up and wrote them down they worked everytime!

With my background being in nursing and especially cancer field, everything he was saying makes more than perfect sense.

So here we go! I just know that God is going to show off and because Brayden will be healed by God thru this man, we will tell everyone and so many more kids will be helped.

thank you all for your ongoing prayers, please feel free to forward to anyone.

much love,


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