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Anxiety and Depression Treatment with Alternative Home Remedy

By Blessed Self Healing @BlessedSource

Anxiety and Depression Treatment with Alternative Home RemedyGreetings, I'm Carisa Jones. Welcome to Blessed Self Healing. Today we are here to talk about anxiety and depression. What does it mean? It means different things to different people. What can we do on a natural note to enhance and support ourselves so that we can work through these states and come out empowered. First thing I do is test people for serotonin level. There isn't a good blood test currently for checking serotonin level. We look energetically at the serotonin levels.We like to also look at how the brain functions with B vitamins. What is the level of B vitamins? Those are your energy vitamins. They have to do with the energetic system. Your mind needs energy and rewards you when it has the right amount. The vitamins for the brain are the B vitamins such as B12, B complex. I suggest B complex to most of my clients. What is the food for the brain? If the brain is fed properly it will be happier and healthier. Omega 3, 6, and 9 is the food for the brain. We need to make sure we are getting oils in our diet such as fish oil. I suggest to everybody to buy bottles of oilinstead of capsules. Capsules are good for traveling, but if you have the opportunity to keep a bottle in the refridgerator, it is suggested. It can be taken in a shot glass or a tablespoon. 

Food for the brain, vitamins, and minerals are very important. If you're experiencing headaches, minerals are good for that. We are made of dirt of this earth. We are the dust of the earth and to dust we will return, like it says in the Bible. We are made of minerals. Calcium, magnesium, pottasium. Very important to check the levels of these minerals in the body. We talk a lot about vitamins, but not enough about minerals. If we took dirt and looked at it under the microscope, what would be there? We need to make sure we have those balanced minerals. With all this talk about "less salt", please watch our segment about salt so you can learn more. How imporant is salt to the human body? We are the salt of the earth. We must check these levels and be aware of them. Mineral content must be added back into the body. All of this helps the mind function. On top of that we can also supplement with amino acids. Taurine is my favorite. If you do come up with lower serotonin levels you want ot take 5-HTP, and St. Johns Wort is good too. You can also take pregnenolone which is great for children with ADHD or anxiety issues. Same is a product that has worked well for many people.

These are suggestions for things that you can consume to boost your cognition and relax your brain tissues so that they can feel able to support you. One way to know if your serotonin is low is if you feel like you're not really you. If you're a calm person but you want to get something out of the soda machine and you suddenly feel like you want to kick the machine. When you are going to do a behavior that is not the norm and it builds up inside of you, you've got an imbalance. The anxiety, if not managed can become depression. You don't just start out with depression. There's many ways that you can use your mind to help yourself and heal and engage and further your ability to manage anxiety. This is by knowing as things happen, what you would do. There are great video tapes and audiotapes that you can listen to that doctors and psychologists have worked through which can help you bring your anxiety levels down.

Breathing exercises help bring anxiety levels down. You can watch our segments on breathing at Blessed Self Healing. Anxiety levels are brought down when you understand and feel anchored and supported. Also it depends on whether your brain has the nutrition, vitamins, and mineral content that it needs. If there are any enzymes missing it can affect your brain also. When your amino acids are balanced the brain balances itself. Watch your amino acid intake and your behavior will change. Be aware, and have tools setup that you can use when you are feeling anxiety. Don't allow anxiety to lead itself into depression. Be ready, be able, and when you have these tools you can take it in and stop the anxiety. Thank you very much. This is Carisa Jones and you've watched Blessed Self Healing. Join us again!

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