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How to Pass the Kidney Stones - Alternative Home Remedy

By Blessed Self Healing @BlessedSource

How to Pass the Kidney Stones - Alternative Home RemedyGreetings! I am Carisa Jones, welcome to Blessed Self Healing.

Today we're going to talk about kidney stones. What are the suggestions I have for clients who come in asking about kidney stones? My favorite remedy is a salt bath. Get in the bathtub with warm water and a half cup to a cup of Himalayan or Epsom salt. Mix the salt until it is dissolved into a glass of water and then add it to the bathtub. Take a big thermos of parsley tea in the bath with you and a eat a bowl of watermelon as well. Eat the watermelon and the drink tea while in the bathtub. Stay in the bathtub for at least an hour and a half. While you're in the tub you should urinate.

Why do this? If your body is a teabag, it needs to soak to soak itself out. If you're in the bath for only 5 or 10 minutes, the toxins will not come out. As you're soaking you should lean back and the kidneys will flush out. Parsley has a wonderful effect on the kidneys, it is very cleansing. Make sure you drink apple juice from a whole apple, including the seeds. Malic acid from the apple seeds will soften the kidney stones. Malic acid can be purchased in capsule form. Drink a tall glass of apple juice every day. If you do a kidney cleanse, you will be drinking a gallon of apple juice per day.

Six baths is one cycle for this treatment. Be sure to stay in an hour and a half. Make sure the water goes from hot to cold by itself without turning the cold water on. Urinate in the tub, eat the watermelon, and drink the parsley tea. You can take a big bunch of parsley, wash it, and boil it up to make your own tea. The second suggestion I have for kidney stones, after drinking the apple juice everyday, you may want to do a kidney cleanse, which is stopping food and only taking in liquid. You can drink up to a gallon of apple juice and distilled water per day. Have a glass of salt water, and you can also do salt water enemas. This cleanses the kidneys.

On our website we have suggestions of kidney cleanse. You're more than welcome to hear it on Blessed Self Healing Radio or in print. Just go to there and you will find all of the recipes written down for you. Have fun with it! Cleanse your kidneys. Thank you so much for joining us, this is Carisa Jones at Blessed Self Healing. Have a good day!


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