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Minerals - Six Blessed Elements

By Blessed Self Healing @BlessedSource

Minerals - Six Blessed ElementsToday we are speaking about the final element, which is minerals. We are from dust and will return to dust. We're made of dirt. If you analyze dirt under a microscope what would you see? It's made up of a lot of minerals. When taking vitamins every day we have to make sure that there are minerals in them. Organic food has a higher mineral content than conventional food. Our dirt is important when growing things to rotate the crops so that different minerals can be absorbed by different plants. Lets talk about the dirt that we are. When my clients come to me we always check on the basic dirt elements, how much potassium, how much sodium, how much magnesium is in the blood. What can we add? How much hydrochloric acid is being produced? People ask about heartburn and different conditions. If you were to bake a brownie or cake mix it tells you how much oil to add, how many  eggs, how much water or milk to add. If you're preparing a recipe it matters if you leave something out.

If there is something in the bloodstream that is left out in the mineral content, the blood will behave in a different way. If you have low magnesium or potassium or not enough calcium it will definitely affect your blood and how you feel. People with low magnesium get cramped toes or a twitch in the eye. Many different responses to lack of some mineral in your blood. I say to everyone, look at the mineral content of the food that you're eating. The green vegetables, and fruits will have a higher mineral content if they are organic. If not, you can supplement by taking green drink, chlorella pills, or liquid drops with minerals in them. There is also Willards water, which is dark water with minerals in it. We have to do something to add those minerals to our diet. I do suggest for people who are up for testing their vitamin and mineral content to try it. I use equipment which is based on quantum physics and we do energy testing on the human body.

You can use kinesthesiology, or go to a chiropractor. A lot of people will ask their body what is missing and they could help go through a whole list and find if there is a mineral your body is missing. I highly suggest that we remember minerals as the important thing to add to the diet. Please look at your magnesium and calcium levels. If you want to rebuild bone mass you should supplement with calcium. You need to have weight bearing exercises which utilize your spine if you are into osteoporosis or osteopenia. You need to make sure you are adding calcium if this is the case. Make sure you're not drinking carbonated beverages. In our water segment we mentioned In the Garden of Eden there was no bubbly streams. There is no such thing as carbonation in Gods way so the human body was never meant for carbonation.

Carbonation depletes the marrow of the bone. Under a scanner it shows in the spine that all of the bones are hollowing like bird bones. I can't understand why they still put carbonation into mineral water. Please choose when drinking water to make sure there is no carbonation. The same goes for soda, just say no thank you. Stick with flat water. I suggest you don't even drink Kombucha which has carbonation. I recommend that you stay with flat water which you can add minerals to such as green powders and green pills or you can juice greens yourself. From dust we are to dust we'll return. We are the mineral of the earth, we are dirt. We must understand how important for brain function minerals are. Low serotonin people and people taking any kind of anxiety medication, you must supplement with minerals. Clients come to me all the time with migraine headaches. The one thing in my 25 years of experience that I've found is that if you increase your mineral intake it will definitely ease headaches. We have to bake the cake with all of the elements, and our bloods elements are minerals.


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