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Health Risks for Bloggers

By Adityasam @foralitelife

 Health Risks to Bloggers Did you know? People are at risk of dying from sitting too long!

Studies have shown that people who are constantly sitting without any exercise in their body are at risk of contracting diseases that can cause death.
Health risks to bloggers are common as their jobs entail them to sit for long hours during the day or even late at night.
While some employees work eight hours a day, home based bloggers have a flexible time schedule, thus they can spend more time in front of the computer than on their feet.
With the recent development in technology, most hobbies are centered on sitting down. People watch the television on a couch, children play games in the computer or portable consoles while sitting down, and most desk jobs are done while sitting down at the employees' respective cubicles.
Because of these, health risks to bloggers cause obesity especially bloggers who have all the time in the world to do their job without standing or even stretching.
Many people think that there is no harm done in sitting in front of the computer and typing away. One of the most common ailment bloggers acquire is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, simply called CTS due to long hours of typing and clicking on the mouse.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

We surely don't want this to happen, Do we?

CTS causes pain and sometimes a numbing sensation in the fingers that causes people to lose grip with whatever they are holding.
They are also prone to back aches, and shoulder pains as they sometimes forget to change positions while they are getting too carried away with what they are writing, thus, we need to find a solution to all the health risks bloggers like you and me face.
There are different processes that happen inside the body while a person is sitting. When a person sits, the electrical activity on the legs stops and other functions also go down.
Calorie burning, good cholesterol, insulin effectiveness, and enzymes that eliminate fat all go down when a person sits for a prolonged period. This is what happens to bloggers who concentrate on their work and forget about their body's needs.
Sitting too long can cause health risks to bloggers because of the complications and ailments it can provide.
Many bloggers would think that sitting down for a prolonged period is unavoidable with their line of work. However, they can still take breaks occasionally by standing up, stretching, and even walking inside their workspace.
A 15-minute break would make a big difference as people can provide their body its much-needed rest. Sitting down is not considered a rest especially if people have been doing it for hours.
Taking bathroom breaks also aid you in preventing health risks due to their inability to leave work.
When bloggers finish their work or take a break, they can try different exercises to help their body recover from all those hours of slaving on their chair.

Watching TV

Avoid watching TV immediately after blogging

Never watch television as a stress reliever as it would require viewers to sit down again on the couch to watch. It might seem small for some people but taking a couple of minutes away from you desk to stretch or walk is one of the best solutions to put health risks at bay.

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