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  • What's Eating My Oregano?

    What's Eating Oregano?

    I have been trying for some time to grow a decent quantity of "proper" Greek Oregano - the strongly-flavoured, very aromatic type, not the insipid "Origanum... Read more

    The 04 September 2016 by   Mwillis
  • A Sunday Morning Plant Buying Spree

    Sunday Morning Plant Buying Spree

    The other week I had not intended to go on a spree, in fact I told myself I had a clear budget and that I had to stick to it.  I had thought of nipping out to... Read more

    The 11 September 2016 by   Ozhene
  • September 2016

    September 2016

    We have had a fantastic hot weather spell here in Brittany, but it got to 40 degrees and over in the polytunnel on many an afternoon. Read more

    The 11 September 2016 by   Steve Bichard
  • Borlotto Bean "Firetongue"

    Borlotto Bean "Firetongue"

    My liking for Runner Beans is well-known, but each year I grow a few other beans as well, just for variety. One type that I have grown a few times (including... Read more

    The 15 September 2016 by   Mwillis
  • Made for the Shade

    Made Shade

    Just like me, our garden is slowly ageing, but unlike innocent old me, our garden is getting shadier ... Our major shade-spreader is our frangipani tree, and... Read more

    The 17 September 2016 by   Gardenamateur
  • A Different Style of Stripping

    Different Style Stripping

    It's been over three years ago since we gave one of our Trachycarpus wagnerianus a full Brazilian treatment, how time flies! Here's how it is looking now...... Read more

    The 06 September 2016 by   Alternativeeden
  • Book Review: New Small Garden by Noel Kingsbury

    Book Review: Small Garden Noel Kingsbury

    I have several books on planting and design written by Noel Kingsbury (usually in conjunction with Piet Oudolf) so when I was asked if I wanted to review this... Read more

    The 13 September 2016 by   Ozhene
  • Revamping the Front Garden

    Revamping Front Garden

    Just in front of my house is a small border, probably around 3 feet deep and 5 foot long.  It is quite a warm border but it suffers from the dry margin that... Read more

    The 26 September 2016 by   Ozhene
  • Wall Décor Just Got a Revamp

    Wall Décor Just Revamp

    Wall décor has had a bit of a resurgence and, oooh there are so many delicious options out there! It needn’t be flat wall art either – after all there is more t... Read more

    The 08 September 2016 by   Hollie Brooks
  • Brassicas Meet Their Fate

    Brassicas Meet Their Fate

    I’ve been carefully nurturing a selection of brassicas since I took delivery of them as plug plants several weeks ago from Read more

    The 06 September 2016 by   Danielcarruthers


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