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An Interview with Green Gardens

By Mwillis
It's always nice to think that people value your advice or opinions, so I am pleased to report that I was recently interviewed by Green Gardens for an article on their blog. This is part of a series of such interviews, in which they elicit the views of some prominent bloggers, on various gardening-related topics. I feel flattered to be included!
An interview with Green Gardens
It was particularly nice to find that the questions were specifically tailored for me and my areas of interest, not just generic questions. Unsurprisingly, the interview focussed mainly on the issues relating to growing vegetables in a small garden!
If you would like to read the interview, you can find it HERE:
Note: Green Gardens is a blog related to the firm called BuyFencingDirect. I was not paid for the interview mentioned, nor did I receive any remuneration or inducement to participate.

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