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Fitness Friday: When You Loose Your Motivation

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

I had an off week, with long days and lots of travel fitness was not a priority this week. I did get one run in along the country  roads in Mississippi but that’s it. No excuses just a bad week of workouts. It happens and I am moving on. This weekend will be back to healthier eats, workouts and a little more balance. I do a pretty good job on the road of trying to eat healthy but it can be hard. I order lots of salads, lean protein and try to get in as  many vegetables as possible. But when you are staying in a tiny town in Mississippi, healthy options are hard to find.


On my flight home last night I was feeling very blah, down on myself for not working out enough and desperately needing a good night of sleep and greens. I tried to snap out of the mindset, I got a healthy snack (really my dinner) on the plane, chugged down lots of water and had a nice long walk to the parking ramp. Reading a few fitness magazines gave me a bit of motivation as well. I told myself to move on and plan for the weekend. And that is exactly what I am doing! Focusing on workouts this weekend, aiming for Saturday and Sunday or Monday, lots and lots of water, fruit, veggies and healthy protein. All of those are achievable things.


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Reminder to self- take it day by day


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