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5 Ways a Blepharoplasty Can Make You Look Good

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

5 Ways a Blepharoplasty Can Make You Look GoodBlepharoplasty is the cosmetic surgery procedure for fixing defects, deformities and disfigurations of the eyelids, and for aesthetically adjusting the eye area of the face. The benefits of undergoing blepharoplasty are aplenty:

  • Lesser fine lines

While this might not be the predominant target of eyelid surgery for majority of patients, many see a tremendous improvement in those early, apparent signs of aging. Elevating both the upper and lower lid can decrease the number of lines seen around the outer corners and lower lid of the eye. To augment these results, consider a skin rejuvenation treatment like a chemical peel that will provide extra smoothing for those eye creases.

  • No more eyebags

Bags under the eye can give you a tired look even though you have sufficient sleep. A lower eyelid lift can remove these baggy regions by removing excess skin and tissue below the eye. In some cases, we might in fact be able to augment the appearance of dark circles under the eye, particularly if a cosmetic treatment like a peel or medical facial is combined with the surgical procedure.

  • Superior vision

When you have significant heaviness drooping of the upper lid, it can be more than a beauty issue. Those additional deposits of skin and tissue on the lid or drooping of the eyebrow can also obstruct your line of vision. By eliminating those deposits and subtly elevating the brow upper lid, your line of sight can be widened as well. Certain patients in fact note more comfort in the forehead region because brow muscles are not being regularly used to raise the upper lid for better vision.

  • Alleviation of vision-related headaches

There are circumstances where the excess skin can weigh heavily on the upper eyelids, causing headaches. In certain patients removing the loose skin and opening up the eyelids can alleviate the weight on the eyelids and cure the cause of headaches.

  • Refreshed appearance

Blepharoplasty is one of the most useful methods to give your whole face a refreshed appearance. The procedure augments the shape and appearance of your eyes specifically as well. Whether you undergo eyelid surgery alone or together with other surgical procedures, you are likely to see tremendous results afterwards. That rejuvenated appearance shall have a huge, positive bearing on your self-confidence.

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