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What Happens During a Tantric Massage Near Me?

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

You might have been to a massage parlour before, where you either make an appointment or simply walk into the premise, for a foot massage, half-body or full-body massage. But what about a tantric massage? If you are a first-timer or unfamiliar about the tantric massage, let me share with you what to expect when you visit a tantric massage at
a) Location of the Tantric Massage

At Top Tantric Massage, we only offer outcall massage services. This means you don’t have to come to us. We will come to you instead, definitely the most convenient you can get in terms of a ‘massage near me’. It’s best to make sure you have a location where our massage therapist is able to perform the session peacefully without unwanted noises or disturbances. It also helps that your location is clean and uncluttered. A tantric massage requires utmost peace and tranquillity to achieve the optimum result at the end of the session.

b) Pre-Tantric Massage

Upon your massage therapist’s arrival to your location, we will typically begin with a brief conversation. It can be anything as long as it relates to the massage therapy that you have chosen earlier. Besides, communication does matter to ensure your massage session is able to reap more benefits while making you as comfortable as possible.

Our massage therapist may require you to take a shower beforehand as part of our standard hygiene practice. When you complete your shower, our massage therapist will ask you to undress and lay down in the designated massage area. From there, our massage therapist will dim the room but still leave your body and the therapist visible. Scented candles and soothing music will be played in the background to evoke a sense of calmness and tranquillity. This would help getting you mentally prepared and unwind as the massage session begins.

c) During the Tantric Massage Session 

As the massage commences, our massage therapist will typically begins by lubricating some massage oils or aromatherapy oils all over your body. He or she would work on body by kneading, caressing and touching your body gently. The whole idea of having a tantric massage is to make you comfortable while feeling a trance-like experience. You will also find yourself immersed into deep pleasure and relaxation with the help of the Tantric elements, which connects your body physically and spiritually while releasing your overall sexual energy. Do not hesitate to speak up or voice out if you feel uncomfortable during the massage session. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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