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  • Life Without Ariane is No Life at All

    Life Without Ariane

    I don't know where to start really...I will start by wearing my computer / reading glasses cause i can't see a thing without them nowUnless i drink too much red... Read more

    The 21 September 2015 by   Arianel
  • Matching Your Shirt and Tie: A Guide (P)

    Matching Your Shirt Tie: Guide

    Wearing a shirt and a tie is one of the strongest things associated with manliness. Many men from around the world wear shirts and ties on a daily basis and som... Read more

    The 29 September 2015 by   Attireclub
  • Individual Worth // Skin Again

    Individual Worth Skin Again

    These days, it can be hard to feel beautiful. With so many opposing forces and finding the balance of humility and narcissism, most of us err on the side of... Read more

    The 11 September 2015 by   Gentrilee
  • 7 Great Bags For 7 Different Everyday Situations!

    Great Bags Different Everyday Situations!

    The Office Choosing a bag for work is an important decision. There are a lot of factors to consider; how long is your commute? Will you be walking far? Read more

    The 18 September 2015 by   Cefashion
  • First Frost, First Boot: Fracap M120 Cristy Vibram Sole Scarponcino Boot

    First Frost, Boot: Fracap M120 Cristy Vibram Sole Scarponcino Boot

    Fracap M120 Cristy Vibram Sole Scarponcino Boot In the time it takes you to sneeze, the season's first snowfall will be here. If you've already begrudgingly le... Read more

    The 30 September 2015 by   Dynelle Skinner
  • How to Accessorize in Winter

    Accessorize Winter

    I received this email in my inbox:  I like to know if you had anything written about cold weather accessories?    For me one of the main things I learned from... Read more

    The 30 September 2015 by   Imogenl
  • Happy Weekend

    Happy Weekend

    image via Happy weekend! What.A.Week. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that last weekend we headed to Baylor to watch the first home game of the season. Read more

    The 18 September 2015 by   Amy Havins
  • Shoe of the Day | Lust For Life Limit Shootie

    Shoe Lust Life Limit Shootie

    They should be called lust for shoes, because that's exactly what we're experiencing when we look at these delicious grape colored Lust For Life Limit Shootie.... Read more

    The 14 September 2015 by   Dynelle Skinner
  • Share Your Style

    Share Your Style

    If you’d ask me about my style, I usually say ‘pretty casual but with an edge’, which is mostly a sporty edge, but can also be a street edge, tomboy edge, or... Read more

    The 25 September 2015 by   Lovelybylucy
  • Mad for Plaid?? & a Giftcard!

    Plaid?? Giftcard!

    Everything Fall 2015 is about plaid. How do you feel about that? Did you ever have to wear plaid? Will you wear it this season? When someone says "plaid,"... Read more

    The 01 September 2015 by   Robinavidor


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