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Life Without Ariane is No Life at All

By Arianel
I don't know where to start really...I will start by wearing my computer / reading glasses cause i can't see a thing without them nowUnless i drink too much red, wine then it all seems clearer somehow, fuck, my hips are getting larger and larger...I  have been away for a long while but still following you guysLes fearless, under...shit! i need my english dictonnary...heu..the visilble 40, 45 and over .... Good God i admire you!Who will read me now, I say!But enoughWhat the fuck i have been up too, you wonderWell Ladies i have been shaving my head all summer And now to put a smile on my hubby's face i let it grow
I have been to sewing classes, quit yoga classes cause i can not afford them anymore but after 8 years i thing i can do it on my own and have too cause i wake up as stiff as a board, that's is for you girl lack of estrogen and it sucks but i get over it and get on with my dayI kick my ass and stretch while squeezing my lemon and orange every morning
a2 I have been taking piano lessons and painting I meditate to get a good night sleepForget TV, computers, iphone  at night, i can't sleep I'm frigin 55 and life is changingBut i still like to wear whatever i want when i wantI had the weird urge somehow to conform, you get funny at 50ish...i don't know why....why!!! hell why!!What the hell was going on with me, i tell you...i'm back to myself
Now i have to finish that painting, any suggestions...
Avec amour
How come nobody talks about menopause, i know it fuck me up, what about you...

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