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  • Happiness


    is Japanese food…no, but really, I’m kind of obsessed. But other than just delicious food, I’m obsessed with my husband…maybe not obsessed but I do enjoy him…a... Read more

    The 26 August 2013 by   Lostindrawers
  • Diy…or Buy!

    Diy…or Buy!

    No Friday Grab Bag today, but here’s a DIY or Buy that will keep the hair out of your face as you live it up this weekend. Have a good one! Read more

    The 23 August 2013 by   Lil_white_whale
  • Pieday Friday ~ Decorated Biscuits

    Pieday Friday Decorated Biscuits

    The summer holidays are drawing to a close, but that means there are lots of pretty fed up children around! Here’s an idea for a fun activity that you can do... Read more

    The 30 August 2013 by   Cassiefairy
  • Melanzane Parmigiana

    Melanzane Parmigiana

    Aubergines seem to divide - you either like them, or your don't. For many, its the latter! But this recipe is so tasty, and a great addition to lamb steaks. Read more

    The 14 August 2013 by   Blueoctober
  • Gemstone and Fire

    Gemstone Fire

    The journey was half of the fun as my husband and I traveled to the 10th annual Prescott Gem and Mineral Show. I had heard much talk of it among other local... Read more

    The 28 August 2013 by   Quirky Girl
  • Black And White Sounds Nice..

    Black White Sounds Nice..

    I try and make it a point to keep the posts happy and bright and pretty, never talking about painful things. But these days the newspapers bring such sad news... Read more

    The 08 August 2013 by   Lookingoodfeelingfab
  • Signs You're Happy

    Signs You're Happy

    pic: c/o US Magazine here 1. You can sleep late when life allows it 2. You don't wake up feeling nervous for no reason 3. You have patience, no temper, and a... Read more

    The 21 August 2013 by   Shanlakes
  • with Every Heartbeat

    with Every Heartbeat

    As promised, a sneak peek into our couple of weeks exploring Malaysia! We went for just over two weeks, and in that time visited five locations - starting with ... Read more

    The 07 August 2013 by   Blueoctober
  • Cocktails & a Chat with Sergio: Online Dating.

    Cocktails Chat with Sergio: Online Dating.

    Sergio here! Today's topic: online dating... Where do I begin...? With the dawn of the internet, one of the first forms of interaction between people were chat... Read more

    The 07 August 2013 by   Hpranitis
  • Doing It Danish

    Doing Danish

    I know what you’re thinking! But by doing it Danish I’m actually talking about staying here. I told you a bit already about the apartment I was staying on Monda... Read more

    The 08 August 2013 by   Lovelybylucy


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