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  • Advocating for Polyspheron Theory Over Two Decades

    Advocating Polyspheron Theory Over Decades

    [Part 2 of 2]In the mid-1960s, as he continued to develop his close-packed spheron theory of atomic nuclei, Linus Pauling sought to use the techniques of... Read more

    The 14 February 2018 by   Scarc
  • Postmarked for History

    Postmarked History

    Contributed by Jodi Kearns Hillary Nunn.We went hunting in the estimated 200,000+ postcards in the David P. Campbell Postcard Collection for a Valentine to... Read more

    The 13 February 2018 by   Chp
  • Linus Pauling’s Polyspheron Theory

    Linus Pauling’s Polyspheron Theory

    [Part 1 of 2]“I consider the polyspheron theory to be a simple statement about the insight into nuclear structure that is provided by the experimental data and... Read more

    The 07 February 2018 by   Scarc
  • Any Old Iron...


    The Old Wye Bridge, Chepstow, is an elegant structure which also offers fine views of the town's castle. It is also a rather impressive piece of engineering... Read more

    The 02 February 2018 by   Carolineld
  • Preserving Vivien Leigh’s Photo Albums

    Preserving Vivien Leigh’s Photo Albums

    Preserving Vivien Leigh's Photo Albums I've been collecting original Vivien Leigh (and Laurence Olivier, but mostly Vivien) memorabilia in earnest for about 1... Read more

    The 02 February 2018 by   Kendrajbean
  • Cameron and Pauling’s Attack on Conventional Views of Cancer

    Cameron Pauling’s Attack Conventional Views Cancer

    Announcement published in the LPISM Newsletter, Spring 1979.[An examination of “Ascorbic Acid and Cancer: A Review,” published in 1979. This is part 2 of 2. Read more

    The 31 January 2018 by   Scarc
  • High on Stress and Life: Charles D. Spielberger and a Life Well-Lived

    High Stress Life: Charles Spielberger Life Well-Lived

    -Contributed by Rhonda Rinehart.If there’s one person who had many, many opportunities to be stressed out – and pretty much all the time – it was Charles D.... Read more

    The 30 January 2018 by   Chp
  • Devenport Mausoleum, Greenwich

    Devenport Mausoleum, Greenwich

    Next to the National Maritime Museum, a modest building in a modest garden bears quiet witness to the former use of these grounds. Read more

    The 26 January 2018 by   Carolineld
  • Ascorbic Acid and Cancer: A Review

    Ascorbic Acid Cancer: Review

    Ewan Cameron, Ava Helen and Linus Pauling. Glasgow, Scotland, October 1976.[Ed Note: Today’s post is the first installment of a two-part look at Linus Pauling,... Read more

    The 24 January 2018 by   Scarc
  • A Global Friendship

    Global Friendship

    Asima Chatterjee (front row, third from right) with her students and the Paulings, February 1967. Credit: Indian Academy of Sciences[An examination of Linus... Read more

    The 17 January 2018 by   Scarc