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Does God Exist? - 3 Principles Why You Should Believe

By Adityasam @foralitelife
Be very proud of my restraint. This question can have answers only in extremes, Yes or No! The believers believe anyway, the atheists, well, they don't and a small breed of people who are trapped in a dilemma whether to raise the believer count or the atheist count, if things are going your way you are well and happy, if they aren't, you start questioning your belief. There is nothing I can do other than telling you why I believe in god because of these 3 universal principles.
Being an ardent believer, I'm scared out of my wits that I'm questioning god's existence. However I just wanted to tell you why I believe and what are the basic laws and principles that back me to believe in god. I've tried my best to be unbiased to any religion and the principles I believe in are the underlying messages in almost every religion I'm aware of! Anyway here they are,
  1. Accept yourself as a sinner and bow down before god
  2. It is the only belief that needs no evidence (I'll tell you why!)
  3. If you want to be good then you should believe in god
Let's discuss em' in detail!

Accept Yourself as a Sinner

Yes, everyone's committed their share of mistakes, small or big, either you were hurt, hurt someone, lied to your spouse, stole things, wrongly skipped the queue or even bigger things like laundering money and what not! What we call mistakes or wrongdoings in our language are called sins in god's language, so a wrongdoer is a sinner! People around you may forgive you, you try hard to forgive yourself but to lift up your moral spirits and boost your morale and get back to being yourself, you have to have a strong belief - GOD! Trust me, it really helps!

Belief that Needs no Evidence

A new born baby is usually taught the principles and religious beliefs of his/her parents. Throughout their childhood or teenage and so on they don't question those beliefs, Do they? It is not about worshiping an idol, it is the belief that will help you keep going morally and gives you confidence to do things. Sometimes things may not go your way, in such cases you must understand that it only happens for your good be it right or wrong. Say, one of your loved ones has been diagnosed with cancer in its terminal stage, don't immediately question the existence of god, instead understand why you've been presented with such a situation, to make you strong emotionally? To not get infatuated easily? There could be several questions, but I agree that some things happen wrongly to us, it is left to you to come out of it because remember it was the same you who earlier relied on god to satisfy some of your wishes. You can't be so cruel by questioning god's existence! Keep up your belief!

Being Good is Already Believing

You stick to the rules, you play fair, you help others with their little problems, great! You're a good man! But what for? To be liked and appreciated? To stand apart in your society? To earn respect of others? Or most importantly, to keep yourself happy? Yes, that is what everyone wants, mental peace and true happiness. So invariably you believe in god, do you know how? Because that is what god wants, peace of mind and happiness, to fulfill your responsibilities and to be content with what you have. So being good is already believing.
Remember that efforts should also be made from your side, completely relying on god to fulfill your needs is irresponsible, greedy and wrong. You can light a candle in the wind and cannot leave it to god to protect the light, you put in effort by protecting it with your hands. Same applies to every case in your life. I wish you luck with whatever you do in your life and try to be happy!
Oh yeah and one more thing, I have never used any particular religion to present my ideas and opinions and I haven't even used any particular gender to mention god. I've been unbiased throughout. I would be pleased to hear your opinions on such a debatable topic.Keep em' coming

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