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Core De Force Review

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus
Core De Force Review This post is sponsored by Beachbody.

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Core De Force Review

Running is always a staple in my fitness routine, but when it comes to crosstraining, I like to switch it up. I've tried different boutique classes, I've done crossfit, I've lifted weights. I love it all. Switching it up is how I stay motivated, and it's also how I challenge my body to do more.

So when Beachbody reached out to me about trying one of their newest programs, Core De Force, I was all about it. They challenged me to try Core De Force along with their famous Shakeology shakes for 2 weeks and see how I feel. Before I dive into my review, how's about a little background?


Core De Force is an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)-inspired workout program. Workouts are 30-45ish minutes and consist of a series of 3-minute "rounds" filled with combinations taken from boxing, kickboxing, and muay-thai. There's no equipment needed beyond a mat; it's all bodyweight! The program comes with a 30-day calendar, 8 MMA-inspired workouts, and an eating plan.


Shakeology is a super-food packed protein shake designed to help you fight junk food cravings, increase energy, and improve digestion. All of the Beachbody workout programs suggest that you take Shakeology along side them since they're all part of the same company.


Try Core De Force for two weeks and supplement with Shakeology. I'm going to break this up into my thoughts on the workout and my thoughts on the shake.

Core De Force Review


I haven't been following the program precisely since I'm training for Disney Princess Weekend. Instead, I've been doing 3 Core De Force Workouts mixed in with my 3 running days.

I have to say, I LOVE this program. Each workout is filled with so many moves that I've never tried before. They're challenging without being unobtainable. The two trainers (Joel and Jericho) break down the moves in a very easy-to-understand way.

Core De Force Review

Because the workouts don't require any equipment, I can do them at home and keep an eye on Mr. Moose.

Don't let the bodyweight thing fool you, though. As I mentioned, these moves are challenging. I definitely feel the workouts the next day, in the best possible way. My muscles are good sore, which I like. It lets me know that I worked hard but not too hard (I'm looking at you DOMS).

Want more proof? Will wanted to get in an upper body workout one day, but the gym was really crowded. I asked if he wanted to do a Core De Force workout with me instead. He asked if it would work his chest and tris. My reply? "OH, YES!"

Core De Force Review

We did the Dynamic Strength workout, which was filled with different kinds of push-ups and balancing moves. We were both dripping sweat at the end, and he definitely felt like he'd gotten a good workout in, despite not using weights.


  • no equipment needed
  • fun but challenging moves
  • likeable trainers
  • do it at home
  • offers up modifications and advancements


    advertised as 30-45 minute workouts, but some days suggest combos which make the workouts longer (60 minutesish)


I was really interested to try shakeology. I've heard great things, but also know it's pretty pricey. I received samples of the Chocolate, Vanilla, and Café Latte flavors.

My first thought is that it really does taste good. It mixes well with almond milk; there weren't any chunks or grainy textures happening, and the Café Latte flavor was MWAH! Delish! I also blended it into smoothies, which made them nice and creamy, and oatmeal. It was delicious no matter how I prepared it.

However, it's a whey protein isolate. I thought this would be alright as whey isolates are typically lactose free. Unfortunately, my tummy was not happy with the dairy. It left me feeling bloated and yucky.

Next time, I'll have to try the vegan version. They don't have as many flavor options, but I think my tummy will be happier for it.


  • great taste
  • blends well
  • gives smoothies a thick, creamy texture


  • no suitable for lactose-intolerant folks
  • pricey


Even though my two-week challenge is over, I still plan on supplementing my running with Core De Force because the workouts are just so fun! Some of my favorite workouts from the program are MMA Speed, Dynamic Strength, and Core Kinetics.

Core De Force Review

Now is an awesome time for you to try it, too! Why? Well for one, it's a kick ass workout that will make you feel like a badass, but also Beachbody is offering a great deal! Right now, you can get access to Core De Force and EVERYTHING else Beachbody has to offer for only $99.95 for the WHOLE YEAR. That means you get access to every type of Beachbody workout, from classics such as Insanity and p90x to newer workouts such as Core De Force and 22-Minute Hard Corps to online exclusives such as the Fixate Cooking Show and The 20's (a reality TV series). Stream it all for 365 days only $99.95.

Before I send you off to test out all the workouts, we have a sad announcement here on Wild Workout Wednesday. Michelle from Fruition Fitness is leaving the Wild Workout Wednesday crew. She'll still be blogging and linking up from time-to-time, but today will be her last day co-hosting this rodeo.

Have no fear! The link up isn't going anywhere! Annmarie, Jen, and I will still continue to share our Wild Workouts, and you'll still be able to link up. Please join me in telling Michelle, "YOU ROCK! YOU'RE AWESOME! And we're going to miss you and your rocking awesomeness!"

Let's send her out with a bang by making this the most linked up Wild Workout Wednesday link up of all time. Whatdaya say? Check out the full link up rules here and get to linkeruppering.

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Core De Force Review

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