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Cellucor Super Sport Review

By Nuwave

Cellucor is a premier sports and weight loss supplement company. Known primarily for their C4 Extreme and popular thermogenic fat loss products. Cellucor also carries a whey isolate /hydrolysate protein. Which is really the best of both worlds when it comes to protein absorption. Hydrolysate is the best form available allowing up to 90% or more total protein absorption by weight alone. I did an in-depth review of this product which you can find in the video at the end of this writing. For now lets discuss my feelings on how everything matches up in terms of the following categories.

Cellucor Super Sport Review

Mixability 10/10 -

Possibly the best mixability I’ve ever encountered in a whey protein thus far. However whey protein in itself isn’t that hard to mix even in pure form but Cellucor hit spot on with their Super Sport. 1 scoop of this and even 5 seconds of a blender ball shake left me with zero clumps and a great consistency.

Taste 9.5/10 – Chocolate

I enjoyed the chocolate flavor a lot and my hopes were achieved. Cellucor is known widely for their amazing pre workout  flavors and I imagined similar results with their protein. Thankfully I wasn’t disappointed here.  The chocolate flavor wasn’t super rich or sweet it was barely there but you could taste a hint of chocolate otherwise it was the same as water which means no gross taste!

Effectiveness 8/10 -

It’s hard to judge a whey protein on its effectiveness but I can tell you that I was able to reach my protein intake for the day with the help of Cellucor Super Sport and their 30g protein per scoop! Thats HUGE, considering most protein powders are about 22-25g max. As a result though the price is a little bit higher on Cellucor Super Sport but it’s still worth it in my opinion since this isnt  your everyday bulk whey concentrate.

Value 9/10 -

At 63.99$ USD for a 30 serving container that comes to about 2.13$ per scoop/serving. Making it quite an expensive supplement to take. If you use our promo code (nuwave) for 20% off on it knocks the price down to 51.19$ USD and per scoop cost is 1.71$ roughly. Saving you a total of 12.80$ in the long run. Not too bad if you look at it that way. Still though I would recommend buying a bulk whey concentrate along also this protein and take the concentrate in the mornings,before bed while taking Cellucor Super Sport post or pre workout!

P.S. Stay on the lookout for the NEW whey concentrate coming from Cellucor this month!

 Cellucor Super Sport Review

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