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9 Undeniable Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

By Adityasam @foralitelife
obese babyI'll put it straight, you work really hard when you workout, follow a weight-loss diet, get proper sleep everyday and yet you are unable to shed a single pound. How painful and disgusting? What have you worked so hard for? When you don't see any results, all you do is crib, crib and crib;
The doc suggested a wrong diet, my gym trainer is never focused, always trying to flirt with women, my bed is not comfortable, my dining table is in the wrong place, heck I've got the worst genes ever! Will you stop that please?!
Nothing's gonna change if you blame the system, you either live with it or stand up against it and change it. But did you ever blame yourself for not losing weight?
Hell no, I follow my diet, work out regularly and get some good sleep and what else do you want me to do?!
  1. You are Facing too much Stress

    Stress, in every possible makes you either overeat or under eat. Under eat? Wow, let me get stressed right this instant. Unfortunately, under eating does not shed pounds for you. Why and How?
    • You under eat, you're hungry
    • Your diet plan = Badly fucked
    • You sleep hungry
    • Next morning, sun rises, hunger still persists
    • You munch on anything within a hand's distance
    • Your Weight Loss Programme = 'Gone with the wind'

    I hope you got me. If you can't avoid stress (which several people have a problem with), manage it, prevent it , cope with it but don't let it effect your eating ways. Got it? Here's more on Stress Management.
    If you overeat, hell you know what happens...
  2. You don't follow your plans properly

    You follow your workout plan, diet plan, sleep and everything...only shabbily, out of order and recklessly. You do your workout at odd times, varying everyday, making your body go through the pains of adjusting to new times everyday.
    Same applies to your diet and sleep too, you don't eat at the same time, sleep either too early or too late. You are asking too much from your body, which it simply cannot do.
    Follow the same time scheme everyday and you will certainly shed a few pounds. Here's more on making a perfect time management plan.
  3. You are not consistent enough!

    What do you expect, huh? That it's okay to follow your plan for a few days and relax completely for a few days.
    I'm sorry, it isn't going to do you any good. The same thing happens you know, your body's flow and momentum is disrupted and you may even risk the chance of gaining weight. So you have to be regular and follow it thoroughly.
  4. You don't have enough time

    This is the most commonest complaint, I don't find time at all and you start giving up altogether. If you don't manage your time or have a proper schedule, you aren't gonna lose a single pound, you're gonna be obese and you're gonna die.
    So? Are you gonna start managing your time or will you let the eventual happen? I've already provided the link above to create a flawless time schedule. Follow it and rest assure that you will shed a few pounds in a month or two.
  5. You play games with your diet

    In two ways, you either don't follow it thoroughly or you eat 'not recommended' foods without giving a damn to your diet, just to satisfy your taste buds.

    fat man eating

    The 'Not Recommended' Foods

    The same old thing happens again, your digestive system has to adjust to which it is completely unprepared and eventually you won't lose weight at all. Stop playing and start eating, well.
  6. You're not exercising enough

    That is why several people are just too tired of their weight loss plans, it requires hell of an effort. Exercising for weight loss is the most feared thing for them. In fact, it should be, but you should be motivated enough to follow it throughout the month.
    So you should follow your workout plan, without altering it, ever! Also, if this isn't in your plan, include it, try to jog or run for 20 minutes every morning. The advantages are, you'll beat stress, be active, be happy, will consume more fluids and most importantly you'll lose weight.
    Work hard and keep up the motivation, it's the best thing for you. Here's more on keeping up your motivation.
  7. You don't get enough sleep

    8 hours is what you have to get to backup the good work you do on your workout and diet. Any alterations in your sleep-cycle can wreak havoc in your weight loss programme.
    It's okay if you get a tad bit more sleep but unforgivable if you get any less.
  8. You have a blast on Weekends

    You've worked so hard from Monday to Friday and all this while you've been waiting for the weekend to relieve yourself from your merciless schedule.
    I'm sorry you have to stop yourself from doing that, it can, no will undo all your hard work and it would be like beginning fresh every week only to ruin it every weekend.
  9. You have a Medical Condition

    Most certainly, you can do nothing about it then. Sad.
    Some medical conditions have been discovered to let you down in your weight loss plans. Thyroid disease for example, weight gain is just imminent. You can only control it but weight loss is out of question.
    Lastly, if obesity or weight has always been a genetic factor in your family, then weight loss is much difficult rather than impossible.

Which of the above reasons applies to you? One or more? Or is there any other reason not letting you lose weight? Share em' in the comments...

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