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9 Tips to Improve Moral Value in Kids

By Adityasam @foralitelife
To any kid, his/her parents are the sources for the way he/she behaves and builds their character. Remember, Home is the first and the best place to raise a child. Children get influenced very easily in their tender ages and it is here that they have to be properly guided to develop good moral values and maintain a good character. For this, devoting sufficient time to your children is very essential.
Here are 9 good tips to impart moral values in your children,
  1. Be Positive About Your Kid - How important is it for you to raise a moral child? It's a crucial question to ask, because research finds that parents who feel strongly about their kids turning out morally usually succeed because they committed themselves to that effort. If you really want to raise a moral child, then make a personal commitment to raise one, and don't stop until he does.
  2. Set a Strong Moral Example - Parents are children's first and most powerful teachers. Make sure you set yourself into moral lines and show that you have moral values to your kid. You should make your child to get the feeling that you are a good person who behaves properly with good moral values. Here you also have to make sure that he doesn't catch any bad behavior from you or any other person.
  3. Share Your Beliefs - Take time to know what you want  your child to learn. After you've done that, share your thoughts with them and tell them why you feel good about them. Remember, your child will always hear counters against your beliefs, so make sure you impart them and be strong about them when you tell him/her. Some examples would be, the TV programmes you watch, movies, music you listen to, literature etc.
  4. Teachable Moments - They usually come unexpectedly and not when you plan for them, say dinner. Teaching them at the moment, when they are a part of the scenario will have a greater impact. Some examples would be, when they play, use the bathroom etc.
  5. Teach them Discipline - Discipline is very essential if you plan to impart any moral values in your kid. Use discipline to teach why they were wrong and what they should be doing the next time it happens.
  6. Expect Moral Behavior - By now, Your kid should be acting in moral lines and you must actually expect him/her to do so. If he/she is crossing the line, then be a bit strict in reinforcing it and warn them of what would happen if it happens often. Don't be very harsh though!
  7. Study their Behavior's Effects - Researchers tell us one of the best moral-building practices is to point out the impact of the child's behavior on the other person. Doing so enhances a child's moral growth: ("See, you made her cry") or highlight the victim's feeling ("Now he feels bad"). The trick is to help to help the child really imagine what it would be like to be in the victim's place so she will be more sensitive to how her behavior impacts others.
  8. Prioritize Morals Daily - Kids don't learn how to be moral from reading about it in textbooks but from doing good deeds. Encourage your child to lend a hand to make a difference in his world, and always help him recognize the positive effect the gesture had on the recipient. The real goal is for kids to become less and less dependent on adult guidance by incorporating moral principles into their daily lives and making them their own. That can happen only if parents emphasize the importance of the virtues over and over and their kids repeatedly practice those moral behaviors.
  9. Follow the Golden Rules - "Treat others the way you want them to treat you" and "Give Respect, Take Respect". Definitely helps!
I hope these tips would help you in imparting moral values to your kids. Make sure you share your opinions on this.
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