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7 Tips for a Healthy Marriage

By Adityasam @foralitelife
It varies from region to region, person to person, first they love each other, then the marriage and then a whole lotta potential relationship breakers for decades in their way. In some cases, when marriages are arranged, love comes after they tie the nuptial knot. It definitely comes as a surprise, when just before marriage, the walk down the road, hand-in-hand, with the drowning sun. And then, things just don't go as they intended.
Marriages, to an extent are definitely based on sexual attractions. People plan of throwing in the towel, when there is a complete lack of it. However, several other factors too, which are much more important than you think compel you to stay on the line. Here are 7 awesome tips, that will help you completely drop the idea of parting ways with your spouse,
  1. Make a Solid Financial Plan - Way back in 2004, A poll was conducted based on the financial management of a couple, 40% of them admitted to lying to their spouses about their 'extra' expenditure. And when a big situation boils down to the need of money, it poses as a potential relationship breaker. Hence, you got to have a solid financial plan. Follow it thoroughly, however, don't tie the knot too tight, allow yourself some entertainment, but make sure you stay within the limits according to your plan.
  2. Create a Family Etiquette - Families do have problems when it comes to making rules on how the family should be running. You and your spouse may have extremely different ideas, how the child should be brought up, who will be the major breadwinner and so on. Sit down and plan accordingly, which suits best for the entire family. Egos should be killed off immediately and listen to your partner and debate on it intelligently, don't argue and bring it to a boiling point. I know you'll get this right!
  3. Show Flexibility - It is understandable that chinks will appear in your etiquette and financial plan. It is important that you show flexibility here. You or your partner may lose your job, the secondary earner has to take charge. Discuss openly and never argue and blow your brains out! (Just joking!)
  4. Be Active Throughout - Stay active in your relationship as you age. Pop in a few surprises here and there to your spouse and it will help your marriage dramatically! Men usually should take the first step!
  5. Rediscover Each Other - With the arrival of kids, your marriage will not have the same intensity as it used to have before em'. Try to rediscover each other, get back to those old days, spend time alone with your partner and see the next tip!
  6. Prioritize Sex - Never take sex as a responsibility, it adds to the pressure, experts say. Make sure you it is prioritized highly and not done as an activity in the planner. Have fun ;)
  7. Take Good Care - Your partner may be going through a low, a long illness maybe. Take proper care and don't take it as a burden. It really boosts your partner's feelings for you.
They say, 'Marriages are made in heaven', but when one strong relationship breaker pops up, everything seems to come crashing down. Hope these tips help you!

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