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6 Reasons Why You Are Always Irritated

By Adityasam @foralitelife
Irritated Man How long has it been since you laughed heartily? Had the best of times with your friends? Quite long, wasn't it? You may have had every desire to laugh heartily or to have the best time with your pals but somehow it wasn't meant to be.
You were far too agitated and irritated to be happy. In the end you are left with nothing but to rue your frustration and irritation. I ask, Why were you so irritated and impatient in the first place?
Here's why?

Mental Factors

  1. Something Always Keeps You Preoccupied - Your mind is always kept busy with thoughts, mostly unwanted ones! Plus, you don't get a control over them! If you don't feed your mind with some of your own thoughts, it wanders away and gives you unnecessary thoughts, keeping you in an agitated state. I say, Cut em', Practising Pranayama or Meditation will certainly help.
  2. You bring an air of Negativity - Anything that goes into your mind and gets processed becomes negative. You always have a negative approach, think negatively and see people with a negative eye. If that is the case, irritation is evident. My advice would be to learn positivity, to see things in a positive manner and talk to people in a positive way. I strongly recommend you to read this post.

Physical Factors

  1. The Surroundings make you uncomfortable - You are a sweaty person and the temp. around you is quite humid inducing you to sweat more. Sweat makes anyone irritated. Although you are a sweaty person, you cannot afford to get irritated so easily because there's much more bad consequences to it. So what can you do? Of course use a deodorant and if you don't like those fizzy ones, go for natural ones like floral waters, antiseptic essential oils, olive leaf extracts etc.
  2. You forgot something you are obsessed with - I just cannot do without my comb. I'm darn serious! Wherever I go, I have to take my comb along. I don't know why, but I'm pretty obsessed with my hair and when even a few strands are out of order, I immediately pull out my comb and set them back. If I don't carry my comb, I get irritated very easily. Likewise, you too may be obsessed with something without which you cannot do. So whenever you go out, make sure you're carrying that particular thing.

External Factors

  1. You hate a particular person's company - You just can't spend time with that person. You don't hate him but unknowingly you can't stand him. It's best if you tell him how you feel. Either he's gonna change his attitude or you have to get irritated easily. You can't risk that, so it is better to be bold and tell him. Of course, if that person has nothing wrong, you have to change your approach towards him.
  2. You let your emotions cloud your approach - You are a positive person but when a situation is at its boiling point, you let a flurry of emotions do the talking rather than giving your mental peace and calmness a chance. Control your emotions a bit, hold em' back for a few seconds and then you will see the change for yourself. End of story.
There are never any good consequences for getting irritated. Controlling it takes only a matter of seconds as you have seen above. So keep your cool and let the world be a peaceful place. I'd be happy if you share your views on this and if you had any past experiences with your irritation.

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