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4 Shocking Reasons Your Weight Loss Workout is Not Working

By Adityasam @foralitelife
fat man Weight loss is such an abominable thing isn't it? No matter how hard we work, hell it doesn't give us any significant results. Then you start losing motivation and its the same old story again until it's new year's day again for you to take up the same resolution again only to give up very soon.
No, if you're working out properly, I mean real proper, results will be imminent. Why won't they be? You're burning so many cals and that ugly fat has to go away.
But alas, it's just not meant to be isn't it? Hmmm, here's why your weight loss workout programme isn't real proper, you'll be shocked!
  1. Lack of Sleep

    Ah, you may be going all guns blazing into your workout, drinking the right protein shakes and eating the right fruits and doing everything right. But you aren't finishing it off well; you aren't getting the right amount of sleep!
    Yes, when you don't sleep right, your body is under physiological pressure and is prepared to store more fat, it's that simple!
    So, if you're working out really well and still not losing any weight maybe you aren't sleeping right. Get the right amount of sleep and see the results for yourself!


    Insomnia could be one reason why your weight loss workout isn't working

  2. Chronic and Severe Stress

    Now this is a debatable topic given the demands we have to meet everyday. But hey, stress within limits is okay but severe and chronic stress isn't.
    It's your fault if you let the normal stress into severe and chronic stress and so it is upto you to manage it, I mean starting this instant. Here's my detailed guide on a complete stress management plan.
    And please don't blame your weight loss workout, it's just fine and don't lose motivation unnecessarily.

  3. Medication

    Some drugs just won't let you lose weight even if you haven't been using them for a long time.
    Here's something really shocking, some drugs, particularly those used to treat depression, mood disorders, blood pressure and diabetes can cause a weight gain of upto 10 pounds a MONTH!
    What's the reason? They either elevate your appetite levels or simply increase the storage of fat as a side effect.
    However let me warn you that you shouldn't stop your medication abruptly just to lose weight. In fact, experts say that it is well worth the bargain to treat the disorder at hand rather than focusing on weight loss.

    On Medication

    Being on medication too can wreak havoc in your weight loss plans

  4. Quitting Smoking

    This is a very risky reason but I'll guide you through safely.
    Nicotine elevates your metabolism levels and also decreases your appetite. So if you've stopped smoking recently, you maybe facing hunger pangs and maybe eating much more than usual.
    However you should control your calorie intake after quitting smoking for a week or two and things should get back to normal once you've done that.
    Mind you, don't retort to smoking just to lose weight, that can be the worst thing you can do.

Well, of course there are other natural reasons like a medical condition, menopause, antidepressants and steroids etc. But these are the ones which you can control. So the next time when you hear someone say that they aren't losing any weight no matter what, you know the reasons or even better share this page with them.
Your thoughts? Which of the above is the main reason you aren't losing weight? Are there any other reasons? Or is your weight loss workout programme is faulty altogether? Let me know.

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4 Shocking Reasons Your Weight Loss Workout is not Working
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