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4 Health Hacks To Help Survive A Global Pandemic

By Lyndsay S @lyndsinreallife

4 Health Hacks To Help Survive A Global Pandemic

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The Coronavirus pandemic is restricting the way people move and act. Among many other things, one of the areas that is impacted is health and wellbeing. When you’re confined to your home or trying to stay away from the outside world, it’s hard to keep fit. Unfortunately, this is counterproductive because you need to work out to boost and maintain your immune system. It’s a sticky situation to be in, especially if your state is under lockdown right now and your options are limited.

Thankfully, it is possible to survive a pandemic without ruining your physical or mental health.

Home Workouts

The most comfortable and most accessible option is to exercise at home. Sure, it’s not as fulfilling as going to the gym, nor does it feel as effective, but it is a fantastic option if you choose a quality work out. Lots of classes and apps are free to download due to Covid-19, so a quick internet search should reveal the best ones. Alternatively, you can use household products if you don’t have the right equipment. Bags of sugar, for instance, are excellent makeshift dumbbells. The doorframe is perfect for pull-ups, too. And, if the kids have a jump rope, you can do thirty minutes and work up a sweat. (Just don’t count on lifting toilet paper- TP is like currency right now!)


Pets are keeping people sane in countries in lockdown, and they can do the same for you. Taking the dog for a walk is a legitimate excuse to leave home and get a decent amount of exercise. After all, you can stay out longer than you usually would without getting in trouble. NOTE: follow the social distancing guidelines. Stay 6 feet away from other people, wear a mask if possible, and some recommend wearing gloves while picking up your dog’s poop.
On the flip side, helping the family pooch get rid of excess energy could encourage you to use the garden/yard more often. Running around or throwing a ball for him to fetch will at least mean you’ll get some fresh air instead of being stuck inside all day.

Standard Maintenance

The key is not to let your usual routine collapse. Not only is it bad for fitness, but it can affect other parts of your health that you take for granted. Do you have an emergency dental visit on the cards? If so, it might have been preventable if you continued to brush your teeth twice a day, flossed, and used mouthwash. Your skin is the same, too. You might not leave the house, yet moisturizing is a must if you don’t want your skin to become flaky (especially during this dry season!).

Brain Training 

Your mind is going to deal with a lot in the next couple of weeks. It’s likely the outbreak will escalate and staying at home will be more necessary than ever. In this scenario, it’s tempting to feel down and let negative emotions impact your thinking. Therefore, brain training is crucial, and this isn’t only a reference to puzzles and crosswords. Avoiding speculation, reading about the pandemic via established sources, and anticipating stress can help. As always, the best tactic is to stay connected and to socialize virtually, whether it’s with WhatsApp or FaceTime.

How are you handling the global pandemic?

Thank you for reading!

4 Health Hacks To Help Survive A Global Pandemic

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