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3 Tips to Have a Better Relationship With Your Body

By Lyndsay S @lyndsinreallife

3 Tips to Have a Better Relationship With Your Body


You only get one body. You’re born with it, and you’ll have it as long as you live. Of course, it will change in all kinds of ways throughout your life. You will change in height, weight, and muscle tone. Your hairstyle will fluctuate and your skin tone will vary throughout the year. But it will still be the same body you’ve always known.

What a bummer then, that so many people spend their lives unhappy with their bodies. Putting themselves down for not being the exact size and weight they’d like, and criticizing themselves for insignificant flaws like crooked teeth and pale skin.

A colossal 80% of people are unhappy with the way they look, which is an alarming statistic. You don’t walk down a crowded street and think that 80% of the people around you are unattractive. You see a range of diverse people who are all beautiful in their own unique way. And you are also! The problem is with how you see yourself. Low self-esteem and body confidence can make people of all ages and genders incredibly unhappy, and it often leads to more severe mental health concerns, like anxiety and depression. But no one should have to feel this way.

If you want to learn to love yourself in 2021, here are three ways to develop a better relationship with your body.

Get to know yourself

We live in an age of distraction, where you fill any gap in your schedule by picking up your phone and scrolling through social media. As a result, people spend less time in their own minds. Schedule time to get to know yourself by switching off technology and doing something just for you. It could be going for a long walk, taking a bath, or even engaging in some meditation. You will gain a new appreciation for who you are and will be less likely to put yourself down as a result.

Change your perspective

How much time do you spend criticizing other people’s appearance? Hopefully, the answer is very little. It’s important you remember that no one cares about the way you look as much as you do. To the people who love and care for you, it’s not your body mass index or complexion that matters, but your personality and character.

Engage in self-care

Learning to love your body is not about putting yourself through punishing workouts and consuming endless amounts of afterpay protein to look like a Men’s Health cover model. It’s about taking care of all aspects of your health, including your mental wellbeing. Scheduling some time for a spot of self-care is the most effective thing you can do for this. How you do it is up to you, but it could take the form of going for a massage, having a luxurious bubble bath with a glass of wine, or snuggling up in bed to watch a movie with a cup of tea and a hot water bottle. 

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3 Tips to Have a Better Relationship With Your Body

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