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14 Best and Fastest Fat Burners

By Adityasam @foralitelife
Modernity is catching up with people's lifestyles and certainly a drastic change has been evoked in humans. Laziness is ruling the mind of youngsters and they aren't being active any more like the earlier generations were. Couch potatoes are on the rise and consequently the bad fat. And what not is done to lose this fat, New Year resolutions are taken, people join gyms, a brisk walk in the morning, fat burning foods and so on.
Though it is pretty clear that a change is necessary to augment fat loss and be healthy, it is understandable that that change is hard to come. So other means have to be taken, like some mentioned above. Let me get down straight to the point, Here are 14 fastest fat burners and supposed to be the best,
  1. Jog Regularly - I mean, it is well known to everyone, But here's more to it, 4 hours a week is sufficient to burn a good amount of fat. Plus, you burn some fat even after you're done with jogging for the day. Now, that comes as a surprise, doesn't it?
  2. Intense Workouts - Work harder in the first half of your workout and relax it a bit during the second half. It burns 23% more fat than the reverse. Great news, get going!
  3. Build Muscles - Fat can be very easily converted to other forms, Protein in this case. Lift dumbbells, VERY SLOWLY! A study reveals that slowly lifting dumbbells can speed up the burning of fat by 50% when compared to normal speed.
  4. Fire Away Those Pounds - Here you have to behave just like a boss of a top firm. Alternating bouts of High intensity and Low intensity behavior can burn fats faster. Start now!
  5. Jog with the right music on - Songs that can lift your tempo can help you burn fat faster. Simple, you walk faster, brisker and better. End of Story!
  6. Eat more Protein - More protein, more lean muscle and more conversion of fat. Period! See best muscle building food sources.
  7. Gulp Down Lots of Green Tea - Simple, Green tea increases the rate of metabolism and you know what happens. Oh yeah, Coffee too helps, Green tea or Coffee, upto you! See more here, Caffeine can Bolster Workout Performances - Study.
  8. Eat Omelets - Two eggs for breakfast and of course with a proper diet can boost fat burning, research says.
  9. Quick, Crunch these - Almonds, Grapefruit, Whole Grains, Yoghurt, Cherries and of course my favorite, Spicy foods help burn fat much faster!
  10. Stay low on Carbs - Eating a low carb diet can bolster fat burning. It's simple, Carbs are primary source of fuel to the body, followed by fats, so if there are less carbs in the body, the bad fat has to be sacrificed!
  11. Stay away from Drinks - Even a very low quantity of Vodka can slower your metabolism levels by 73%. So, think before you drink!
  12. Vitamins C & D - C helps burn more fat, while D helps lose fat faster! Make sure you take 400mg of C and 800mg of D.
  13. Stay away from the Idiot Box - Cut your TV-watching hours by half and see the dramatic change yourself!
  14. Lastly, Get proper sleep - 8 and a half hours a day, Faster metabolism, Faster fat loss, Better life! End of story!
Hope these tips help. I recommend you follow these properly and regularly and see the change for yourself. Drop your opinions below!

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