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13 Easy Ways For Mental and Physical Fitness

By Adityasam @foralitelife
Physical and Mental Fitness Physical fitness is essential for all the people. Either you are a young professional or old person, proper fitness is much needed to get success in life and to achieve goals easily.
Our lifestyle and daily activities have a great impact to the fitness. In this fast moving world, it is necessary to adopt some basic things to be fit.
With that in mind, let's see how these 13 easy ways can help you to stay physically and mentally fit.
  1. Gym Equipment at Home?

    People who have low physical activity should practice gym exercises regularly to burn out the extra fat and for toning up the body. Muscle build-up could be easily achieved by doing gym exercises.
    According to your body requirement, fitness equipment are available in a diversified manner. Apart from muscle build-up, gym equipments are also used to develop strong bones which help to maintain good immune system and resistivity to diseases.

    Workout area at home

    Gym Equipment at home can be really handy

  2. An Early Morning Walk

    Walking is the best practice for circulating blood to all parts of your body. Many doctors advise to walk early in the morning. It helps us to inhale unpolluted air (free from vehicle emission) easily.
    Regular walk strengthens all parts of the human body. It prevents obesity, diabetes and many other diseases. Even though there are many exercises, walking is considered to be more suitable to people at any age group.

  3. Practise Yoga

    Yoga is not only an exercise but it can be referred as an alternative medicine for curing diseases. By practicing yoga in a regular basis, you can attain psychological, physiological and biochemical benefits.
    Mind relaxation and stress removal can be achieved by doing yoga.

  4. Follow a Proper and Well-Planned Diet

    A proper diet is one which contains lot of nutritious foods in it. Health specialists advise people to intake foods in maximum amount at breakfast.
    It is good to eat foods at mid-day in a medium amount. At night, the food intake should be low, mostly comprising of fruits. The reason is the human digestive system works very fast in the morning.
    The digestion speed reduces to average at mid-day and drastically slows down at night.
    Improper food intake can lead to obesity and unfitness which causes several types of diseases. Hence, changing the lifestyle to a proper manner can help to overcome many problems in future.

  5. A Good Night's Sleep is as Important as Oxygen

    Sleep deprivation causes so many problems such as mental illness, tiredness, fatigue, eye strain at work and many more. Proper sleep is very important to be physically and mentally fit.
    Fitness is related with the body parts. After the hard work at the day time, our body needs rest for replenishment and rejuvenation. Therefore it is highly recommended to sleep for a maximum of eight hours.

  6. How about an Oil Bath?

    Soaps and other bath products remove oil content along with the dirt from our skin. A child’s skin is more soft and oily than the matured skin. The reason is that when we get old, skin becomes hard.
    To rejuvenate the skin, oil bath is essential. Coconut oil, sesame oil, lavender oil and olive oil can be used for the oil bath purpose. By taking oil bath, sweat pores can get active, releasing proper amount of sweat out from the skin. When more amount of sweat is released, proper body metabolism is maintained which results to complete fitness.

  7. Try to Avoid Fatty Foods

    Many people think that fatty foods are a good source of protein. It is true. But, eating hoards of fatty stuffs could damage your blood vessels as it contains bad cholesterol. Almost all types of animal derivatives contain bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol. Thus normal and healthy people should limit the intake of animal fat and obese people should completely avoid fatty food stuffs such as egg yolk, all types of meats, cheese, ghee and re-used oil.

  8. Play Sports

    Sport activity such as badminton, tennis and other athletics can help to strengthen your body muscles, make them flexible and tight. Therefore, it is good to practice any kind of sport activity at your leisure time to attain high stamina and a physically and mentally fit body.


    Shuttle Badminton with a buddy can be really exciting

  9. Say ‘No’ to bad habits

    Bad habits are the real threat to physical fitness which causes several problems. If you want to have a fit body, leave all the bad habits such as smoking, alcohol and too many coffee drinks.
    Coffee only temporarily stimulates the nervous system but later leads to neural sluggishness.

  10. Exposure to Sunlight?

    Sunlight is the most important source of energy for living things. We all know that.
    But our body needs sunlight to perform certain metabolic activities. We are usually more likely to live and work at artificial environment inside air conditioned rooms.
    Sunlight produced at the evening time is the richest source of Vitamin D which is essential to our body. Vitamin D can build up strong immune system and healthy body. People who do not expose themselves to sunlight may severely suffer with irregular metabolic activities.
    In India, Surya Namaskar is widely practiced to improve the eye sight and for attaining physical fitness.

  11. Drink Loads and Loads of Water

    Your blood cells, tissues and all important organs need water. Many doctors advise to drink eight liters of water per day. Lack of water causes various diseases. According to the ancient yogis,
    • Drink water before the diet - Reduces the body weight
    • Drink water in between at regular intervals of food intake – No effect
    • Drink water after the diet – Increases weight of the body

  12. Organic and high-fiber foods

    Fruits, vegetables and other types of food stuffs which are produced by not using chemicals and pesticides are termed as organic foods.
    Organic foods have the same nutritional value as other ordinary foods, but they are free from harmful chemicals. It is good to eat organic foods to stay healthy.
    It is also recommended to include lots of high-fiber foods in your diet which can prevent from obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, constipation and colon cancer.

  13. Avoid deep fried foods

    Many of us love to eat spicy and deep fried foods that may taste better to the taste buds but it is not good for health.
    Deep fried foods are rich in fat and high in calories. Some kind of deep fried snacks and meat may also contain trans-fatty acids which is the major factor behind heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems.
    To be physically fit, deep fried foods and reheated oil should be avoided!

Your Thoughts?
It sort of eats up the spice in your life doesn't it? Not to eat deep fried foods or fatty foods? Uh well, Physical and Mental Fitness certainly should matter more to everyone, do you agree?
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