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11 Reasons You Should Start Managing Stress Immediately

By Adityasam @foralitelife
Stress causes Insomnia "Will you please stop that racket?!?", "Can there be some peace in this home?!". You aren't angry or probably weren't but from the past 2-3 years, it has been getting to you. You can always give umpteen number of excuses, "My job's too hectic", "I cannot find time for my schedule" and there's plenty more to come. The problem is neither with your job nor with your tightly cramped schedule; It all boils down to Stress, the factor that is making its presence eternal in modern lifestyles.
Very recently, I pointed out in my previous post that the mind and body have to work in unison to be able to perform and think better. Psychologists and psychiatrists always say that it is all in the mind, if you are mentally healthy, then you cannot get any happier.
And the root cause for all your mental and physical problems is stress. Without further ado, here are 11 reasons why you should start managing stress right this instant;
  1. Stress affects your immunity - Everyone wants to be physically fit, but do they know that it starts from being mentally fit? Stress is the root cause for all your physical problems and illnesses too. 'Stress hormones' like Cortisol affect your immune system by destroying antibodies making you susceptible to a whole lot of infections and illnesses. Read more about it here. So it is important that you start your stress management now!
  2. Stress affects your teeth - You need em' right? To chew and look good when you smile. You wouldn't want to lose em' by the time you're 50. Hit the gas on 'Stress Management', Now! See more about it here.
  3. Stress makes you fret and fume - It makes you anger, get frustrated and irritated easily. That's what we've seen at the beginning right, it all points to stress. Blame as much as you can but you can keep yourself in control only when you start managing stress.
  4. Stress doesn't let you perform better - It never lets you give in your 100%. Why? You know this, the mind and body work in unison and when you aren't mentally fit, your body has to hold itself back. Work on your Stress Management now and your body will do about 10 folds better.
  5. You aren't attentive - There is always something that is bugging you, ALWAYS! You don't give the required attention to your family, to your friends and peers at work and that is exactly what we don't want. So get going with your stress management now, after all it is good to be attentive to your family and friends.
  6. You either overeat or under-eat - Both of which are bad; overeating makes you gain weight and lets in unwanted calories into your body and under-eating makes you weak and short of the required amount of calories. You are losing out on your health if you are stress-eating, work out your stress management plan now and follow it with immediate effect.
  7. Lifestyle Diseases - Stress causes several several and several lifestyle diseases. Head over to this page and be startled by the never-ending list. You should be very careful about your health and it is best if you start managing stress right now.
  8. Stress causes Headaches?  - It is the root cause for almost all headaches and one of the suggested signs for migraine although it isn't proven scientifically.
  9. Stress causes Hair Loss - We always want to look good, don't we? But when you are stressed you are not helping yourself at all. Research says that stress causes hair loss, which is (greet it with a big relief!) reversible. See more here.
  10. Stress is the root cause for other mental illnesses - It is the precursor and a prominent sign of other mental illnesses like Depression and Panic attacks. We want none of those, so lets start managing stress now!
  11. Stress doesn't let you sleep - Just when you thought it was over, I give you this! Stress is one of the primary reasons for insomnia. It just doesn't let you sleep and when you don't sleep good, your lifestyle goes haywire, your body doesn't tag along with you, your mind is thinking about something else, you don't look good, you start becoming fatter...Its best if you start managing stress right this instant.
Without further ado, these are the best recommended suggestions I can give for the best stress management;
  • Stress Management - 6 Ways to Reduce, Prevent and Cope with Stress
  • Practise Pranayama to Beat Stress
  • Listening to the right music too helps beat stress 
  • 8 Recommended Foods for Stress Relief
  • Prevent Stress with Properly Planned Diet and Exercise
  • The Best Diet for a Stress-free Life
  • Lastly, To Get a Good Night's Sleep, I recommend you read this
It may seem to us that Stress is common in any person's lifestyle and thus we start ignoring it. However if left unattended for a long time, it aggravates and wrecks havoc in your body. Also, it is important to remember that stress management isn't a lengthy and time-taking process, it takes a maximum of 30 - 45 minutes of your day, added to that you can follow it at any possible time, at work, while resting, cooking and any other activity. To give you a better insight, here's how stress affects me and how I nip it in the bud;
  • Part 1: Identifying My Sources of Stress and Dealing With Them
  • Part 2: Analyzing My Stress Sources to Prevent Stress
Do you have anything more to add? Does stress affect you in any other way? Feel absolutely free to tell me and I'd be glad to listen to you. Share your view and opinions below in the comments section.

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