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10 Ways to Beat Stress At Work

By Adityasam @foralitelife
Stress can infuriate you. It cannot be a surprise if you are complaining of stress at work. It is evident that stress catches up with you at work but it is important that you don't carry it home and disrupt the home atmosphere. It is best to beat it at the workplace itself and go home in a relieved state. Without further ado, here are 10 tips I'd like to suggest to beat stress at work.
  1. Take a break. Step off from your work for a few minutes, you can try looking out of the window. The thing is you give those muscles a bit of relaxation.
  2. Take a walk, practice some yoga, it'll always come in handy or you can even try to lift weights.
  3. Talk to people or even better vent out at someone or at an inanimate object, it'll let your frustration out and will make you work better.
  4. How about meditation? Suit yourself into the best posture and close your eyes and follow deep breathing exercises. Read more here.
  5. Laugh, LOL! Laughing gives you the feeling of pleasure as it causes the release of those feel good hormones namely 'endorphins'!
  6. laughing eyes

    Take some time off work and Laugh out Loud (LOL!)

  7. Is there a buggy person who always gets on to you? Let it go. You know it saves you from hoards of trouble. See how to react to situations better.
  8. Research proves that natural scents which are calming are proven relaxants and beat stress very fast. Lavender, lemon or certain natural oils can be used as natural relaxants.
  9. Research also proves that gently and lovingly stroking a four-legged pet can lower your stress and blood pressure levels dramatically.
  10. Squeeze your face muscles tight and relax them suddenly. Practice it for a few minutes, contraction-relaxation techniques can de-stress you fast!
  11. And every night when you get home, think of the positives you had for that day. Even if there aren't any, think of things that can calm your mind. Be relaxed and try to enjoy life, it's good.
Not very tough to follow, are they? So I expect you to report back to me about all the positive effects you had and how light you felt at your workplace after following these techniques. Go ahead start following them and good luck with em'.

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