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1 Easy and Effective Technique to Control Your Anger

By Adityasam @foralitelife
Angry Birds Food Do you get angry often? Are you always defensive? Do you always get aggressive? If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these three questions, you may have a hard time managing anger.
Perhaps you don’t even know it. But do not fret, rest assured, you are not alone. Anger is something that all people deal with from time to time. However, anger has different levels. It is not wrong to be angry. This is one feeling which cannot be controlled.
However, if your reaction to anger is already beyond normal, it is high time you start managing it.

angry birds

Anger Management is all about controlling your emotions and immediate reactions

Anger management is a system of techniques and exercises by which someone with uncontrollable anger can control or reduce the degrees and the effects of being in an angered state.
Managing anger is not magic; managing your emotions needs effort and time.
What are some techniques to anger management?
One thing for sure, taming your temper is really challenging. What should you do when you are stuck in traffic, and then suddenly, you find that space to move, and yet, another motorcycle rider cuts you off?
If you are a teacher, and suddenly you find your student not cooperating, and even answering back, how would you respond?
Anger, is a normal and healthy emotion, only if dealt with positively. Uncontrolled anger can affect your health and your relationships.
To manage it, start with the most popular technique. Counting from 1 to 10 is not an underrated technique. When faced when a tense situation, take a few moments to breathe deeply, and count to 10 before you react.

Counting 1 to 10

Doing this can help you control your temper. Calm yourself until your frustration subsides. Now that you are calm, express your anger. Not in a bad way, of course. When your mind is clear, express your anger in a no-confrontational way.
Communicate effectively, without hurting others or controlling them. Think before you speak. Saying something bad will be the most regretful thing to do. Collect your thoughts before saying anything.
Next, instead of focusing on the thing that made you mad, identify possible solutions.
Remind yourself that expressing your anger in a bad way will not solve anything. Learn to adjust your expectations. Don’t expect too much. A person gets angry when they don’t get what they expect.
When other people hurt you, ‘let go’. Resentment does more damage to the holder. Letting go means forgiveness and even acceptance. This is a major step toward controlling anger.
Keep in mind that overreacting to anger does not help you. It won’t even reach the driver you’re swearing at, even not the student you may be shouting at.
Hitting someone doesn’t release your tension. It only teaches your body unhealthy behavior patterns that only increases tension.
Anger management does not mean holding on to your anger. It means taming your anger. But if you think your level of anger is no longer healthy, seek professional help. You don’t want to resort to dangerous things just because you do not understand your emotions.
While doing that, think positively. There’s no way to beat anger than the feeling of positivity in knowing that you can overcome it!
Do you agree?
Would you agree with the fact that anger management is not magic and it is as simple as controlling your immediate reactions? Do you think this technique is effective? Would you like to suggest any more techniques? Sure!
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