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Yoga Poses to Deal With Sinus Symptoms

By Rojer @healthxwellness
Yoga Poses to Deal With Sinus Symptoms

Antibiotics can not help those suffering with a sinus infection caused by a virus, practicing yoga as an alternative to help relieve the symptoms is a practical solution.

It is more common for people to develop sinusitis during the autumn and winter months when weather is cold. Since antibiotics can’t help those suffering with a sinus infection the result of a virus, practicing yoga as an alternative to help relieve the symptoms is really a practical solution. If you have sinusitis caused by bacteria, antibiotics will be needed, but yoga can nonetheless be used to complement the medication.

The inflammation of the nasal passage then produces a buildup of pus and some amount of environmental content accumulating and applying pressure around the sinus wall. Although there may be no specific yoga poses for sinus problems, there are a variety of poses that can help deal with sinus problems directly or indirectly.

You will find several yoga poses that can help to relieve sinus pressure and pain. Practice them on the regular basis to help prevent future problems from arising. For those who have a serious infection, consult your health practitioner before attempting any exercises.

Halasana (Plow Pose)

The plow pose has healing benefits to people with sinusitis, and it can aid in relieving back and neck pain you might be experiencing due to your sickness. If you can’t sleep due to your illness, this pose will even help since it is therapeutic for those with insomnia.

Surya namashkar (sun salutation)

This asana is really a combination of 12 spinal positions. It improves flexibility and breathing. It should be practiced preferably in the morning and facing east.Strengthens the whole body, retards obesity and improves blood circulation. Alleviates from sinus and other respiratory disorders. Begin this asana with 3 times a day and gradually increase it to 12 times.


If you’re only going to perform one yoga pose, the seated forward bend helps make the top of our list. One good reason is because it is simple to do and cannot cause additional stress to your body. Additionally, traditional texts inform us that this asana is a cure for sicknesses. The seated forward bend is ideal for those with sinusitis and insomnia, and it is a very peaceful pose.

Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)

The seated forward bend will help relieve symptoms of sinusitis as well just like any difficulty breathing. Additionally, it should help you relax and lift your mood if you’re feeling down.

Yoga Poses For Sinus Symptoms
Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose)

In addition to being helpful to those with sinusitis, bridge pose is beneficial to asthmatics. It’s also a good asana to perform if you have osteoporosis or high blood pressure. Should you suffer a headache due to a sinus infection, this asana will even help with your pain.

Salamba Sarvangasana (Supported Shoulderstand)

If your sinus infection is keeping you awake or causing asthma than the supported shoulder stand certainly is the pose you want to do since it will help alleviate these problems.

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