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X2 Ab Ripper Workout From P90X2!

By Nuwave

This workout is the sequel to the highly praised AB Ripper X from P90X. This ‘X2  Ab Ripper‘ workout focuses more on isolation exercises. So strap yourself in for this fun filled ride! I decided to record myself today doing this workout & give you guys commentary and music to enjoy. Feel free to favorite this video, share with your friends and all get ripped abs by the summer with this!

X2 Ab Ripper from P90X2

Tools Needed: Yoga Mat & Water/Towel (Open space is also recommended)
Workout Time: 15-20 Minutes
Exercise(s): 11  

Here’s the workout breakdown:

Scissor Twist

Imagine doing Fifer scissors and trying to touch your toe at the same time!

Row Your Boat

Pulling your arms and legs in & out together!

Superman/Banana X

You need some wide room to do this exercise. You’ll roll from your stomach to back while having your arms and legs in the air. Remember this from Core Synergistics? Well X2 Ab Ripper brought it back!

Oblique Roll

Similar to the Oblique crunch from AB Ripper X but this time your rolling to the side after each rep and doing the opposite side. Kill two birds with one stone that’s how X2 Ab Ripper rolls!

Roll V Hold

Roll on your back and then come up into boat!


Brutal exercise that will test your flexibility and core strength! Bring it!

Gate Bridge Lift

Isolated exercise that will shred your abs beyond belief! X2 Ab Ripper knows how to bring the pain!

Phelan Twist

Imagine having to crunch your abs and then hold it for 5 seconds x 20 reps!

Scissor Clapper

Clapping your hands while doing leg switches!


A moving heels to heaven exercise. Your heels & legs will be moving in a clockwise and counter clockwise motion! Intense!

Balance Bikes

Crunches and bycycles at the same time. This is the new standard for intense X2 workouts!

X2 Ab Ripper from P90X2


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