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Women and Weights

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Women and weightsOver the past few weeks, I have read a fair few tweets and small articles about women and weights. It seems to be that women are afraid of doing exercises with weights because they don't want to start bulging with muscles, but that really isn't what happens.
Women naturally have much lower levels of testosterone than men, which makes it really hard to build muscle, unless they 'use' (hence why most female bodybuilders tend to have male features). So by doing a couple of weighted workout sessions per week, you're not going to look like the female Arnie anytime soon! Adding weights into your workout will burn more calories and tone your muscles - giving good shape to your body. I've been in gyms where I have seen women jogging on the treadmill or texting on an exercise bike, and wonder why they're body doesn't change. You have to challenge your body in order for it to start changing, and going for a little jog isn't going to do that. Women like a guy who has packed on some muscle, because it gives him good shape and looks good. Its the same with women. By toning your muscles, you're giving your body good shape.
For a woman to pack on a lot of muscle and look 'bulky', you would have to train very, very hard and eat a lot of calories (same as a male bodybuilder). But if you just want to look toned, then weights is what you need. Adding weights to your workouts, eating a healthy diet will give you that 'fit' body you are looking for. Don't be afraid of weights, they're your friends!

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