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Eat Like Khloe

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254

Celebrity diets always amuse me, mostly because they're shockingly bad, but some of them also claim to be 'health gurus' (Gwyneth Paltrow for example). I felt like I needed to mention the Khloe Kardashian diet after reading about it.

Eat like Khloe

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Here's a woman who has access to everything - the best gym, a personal chef and top quality food and supplements. So what diet does she opt for? Low carb, low protein, low calorie and bland.

Here's a day of her diet that I found from a journalist who tried it:

Meal 1: Whey protein shake with almond butter, one serving of fruit and ice.

Meal 2: One piece of fruit

Meal 3: 113g chicken breast (that's small) and a salad

Meal 4: One serving of vegetables and 12 almonds

Meal 5: One serving of vegetables and one fried egg

Meal 6: A fatty fish with 200g vegetables

Meal 7: One piece of fruit

I know that this is just one day, but I don't expect much change for the rest of the week. This is a very restrictive diet, quite bland, lacking carbs, lacking energy, lacking adequate protein. She may well have lost weight, but if you're only eating a little over a thousand calories a day (my guess), then you will lose weight, including muscle tissue, but it's not healthy whatsoever.

After being in the fitness industry for a while now, I've seen many different diets, many names in the fitness industry, supplement and clothing athletes. The women who I've seen who are in amazing shape, do NOT skimp on calories. They train hard, train smart, eat well, eat smart, and eat enough.

I honestly have no idea why she is on this diet when, as said, she has access to anything she wants. This diet will make most people feel hungry day to day, but for those who hit the gym regularly will most probably pass out. There needs to be more calories to support a fitness routine, more carbs to aid day to day energy and focus and more protein to fill you up and repair muscle tissue.

This is not a diet that I recommend at all, and for her to promote this is simply ridiculous, considering the vast amount of women who idolise her.

I do however, respect Khloe for the transformation she has made. I'm not a fan of the show or family, but after a little research for this post, she has taken a lot of criticism and even bullying over her body, so to up and make a change, I respect that.

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