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Popular Muscle Building Supplements

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254

If adding muscle mass is your goal, then there are a few things you need to do. Firstly, you need to be hitting the gym at least 3 times a week. Secondly, nutrition comes before supplements - you cannot 'out supp' a bad diet, so make sure you're eating a variety of healthy foods and drinking plenty of water. Last of all, you need rest - that means both sleeping and 'active rest'. If you're doing those things, then adding a few supplements can take your game to the next level.

Popular Muscle Building Supplements

Protein Powder | It should be common knowledge by now that you need protein, and a fair amount of it in fact, if you want to build muscle. Your muscles are made up of protein, so by consuming more protein you'll be on your way to building more muscle, faster. Your first source of protein should come from food, but we all know that it's not always possible to get whole foods. For example, straight after a workout, first thing in the morning (if in a rush), out and about, and so on. That's where protein powders come in very handy. Being able to get a serving of protein (around 24g) whenever you need it will greatly enhance your muscle building goal.

| One of the most popular drinks on the market today is still a cup of coffee, purely because of its caffeine content. A cup of coffee in the morning can help to wake you up and get you going. When it comes to the gym and caffeine, it's a similar kind of thing. If you have time to workout early in the morning, but struggle to wake up, then a caffeine hit can be just the thing you need. Caffeine also helps to release adrenaline and dopamine (energy boost and neurotransmitter). Caffeine supplementation is most effective when you're not regularly consuming it. If your body is used to caffeine, then you won't feel much of a boost when you take it pre-workout. Excessive caffeine consumption can desensitise you to it (your body will get used to it), and can cause nausea, restlessness, stomach irritation and increased heart rate. A cup of coffee can be used pre-workout, but if you're not a fan of coffee, then a supplement containing 200-500mg of caffeine, 30 minutes before your workout, can give you that added boost which could increase the intensity of your workout.

| Being one of the most researched and oldest supplements on the market, it's no surprise that it always pops up on a muscle building supplementation list. Creatine is a form of energy, which replaces your ATP (immediate energy stores). Creatine is naturally found in foods such as red meat and is also stored in your muscles, so unless you avoid meat, then you should get a good amount of creatine. However, there are numerous studies that have found that supplementing with creatine can significantly increase your chances of building bigger and stronger muscles. The most effective form of creatine (and it's also cheap!) is creatine monohydrate. The way I recommend to take it is a simple daily dose of 5g and make sure you take it with plenty of water - creatine saps your water levels!
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