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Why You Should Get Your Bellybutton Pierced

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

In the ’90s, belly button piercings were massive. It was one of those trends that took the world by storm. Teenage girls were begging to be allowed a navel piercing, and all of their favorite pop stars (looking at you Britney) were rocking the belly bar. 

Since then, the trend might have died down slightly, but it’s still there. All those girls that got pierced years ago are still showing off their belly rings around the pools in the summers, and younger girls are wondering if they’d like to add an accessory to their belly button. 

But at some point, you may have decided that you were too old. If you haven’t got it done already, it’s too late. But, whether you are in your late teens, early twenties, or 55, it’s never too late to get your belly button bejeweled. If it’s something that you’ve always wondered about, here are some of the reasons to get your bellybutton pierced. 

Why You Should Get Your Bellybutton Pierced

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It Looks Great

What else are you going to do with it? Without a belly button ring or bar, it’s just a little hole in your torso. There’s just a long bit of body, with very little going on. Adding an opal belly ring is a great way to add something extra. It looks great, gives you a new place to add a shiny accessory, and will always look cool with a crop top or bikini. 

It’s Easy to Hide

One of the best things about a navel piercing is that it’s easy to hide, and people will only ever see it if you want them to. It’s easy to throw on a long shirt, jumper or dress to cover it up, and most of the time, no one would ever know that you’ve got jewelry on your stomach. But, when you do want people to see, it draws attention and always looks cool. 

Your Belly Will Never Look Better Than It Does Now

Well, this isn’t technically true. Your belly might look better if you exercise, eat healthily, and do tons of crunches. But, without effort, your belly will never look better than it does today. Generally, without working on it, our stomach muscles weaken, and our torsos become less firm as we age. Keeping a toned and tight tum takes more effort as you get older, so if you aren’t going to adorn it now, you never will. 

There’s a Lot That You Can Do With It

Some piercings are quite restrictive. You might only be able to wear certain types of jewelry. Your belly button isn’t. There’s a huge range of jewelry available, and it’s much easier to change than a piercing that you can’t see or reach, as well. 

You Want to

The very best reason to get your bellybutton pierced is that you want to. It doesn’t matter what other people think, how old you are, how toned or flat your stomach is, or how many stretch marks you’ve got. If you want your belly button pierced, find a good piercer, and go and get it done!

Thank you for reading!

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