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Why Workout? The Real Truth – 5 Reasons

By Nuwave

In a post-covid-19 world, many hardships are facing us as we try to navigate the new territory of life. One of the most important things now is Why Workout. Without it what do we have and how are we living our best life?

Lately, I've been going through another transformation of sorts. Realizing new things and rediscovering myself. One thing that has stayed constant though is my consistency to work out. It's not for vanity or selfish reasons but to live a happier, longer life. Also looking good naked is nice too!

So Why Workout? That's the question really when it boils down... why should you push your body through grueling sweaty workouts? I mean you don't see any results after a 1-day workout. You could do an insane 2hr+ workout and look at yourself the next day in the mirror. Notice 0 changes. That can be discouraging right?

Why Workout? The Real Truth – 5 Reasons

Here are some tips on Why Workouts are pretty important:

  • They make you feel good - It's productive and you are improving your body. No matter how short the workout. It's always better than not doing one at all.
  • It becomes a good habit - If you stick with it for years it becomes second nature to workout.
  • It brings clarity into life - Lifting heavy weights and visually seeing your body change. It brings a newer clearer picture of life to you.
  • People admire you for it - Not to be vain but for some reason, people think higher of you if you consistently work out and have a nice body ( abs, good veins, muscles, etc.). Don't ask me why but most likely a social conditioning thing. Just like how slim models are considered the best-looking people.
  • It's fun! - I might be the crazy one here but after working out for years you kind of look forward to it. If you had a bad day or need to let out some pent-up energy lifting weights is great for that.

There are way more benefits I could list but this article would become awfully long. I believe there are more positives than negatives when it comes to Why Workout. The real challenge is that people quit and give up too early. They might work out for a day, week, or even a month. Then they see no changes in the mirror and quit. It takes much longer than 1 month to see visual changes in the mirror. Just like goals and dreams in life...

That also brings up the important topic of taking a before picture if you do decide to start exercising a lot. When you have a day 1 picture to look back on, then you can take a picture after 1 month, and perhaps you will physically see changes from day 1 to 30. Otherwise, you must keep grinding away regardless. Look again at 6 months, 1 year. Those are when the real changes happen. Along with having a good diet. Instead of Why Workout, you should be asking Why not work out! It is beneficial in almost every way and will make you a stronger person both inside and out. Just remember to remain humble when you get those big muscles and 6 pack abs. That will help separate you from the rest of the pack.

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Why Workout? The Real Truth – 5 Reasons
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