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Why I’m Trying the Run/Walk Training Method

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus
I'm gearing up for fall race season and taking a new approach to my training. Check out why I'm trying the run/walk training method this time around. Why I’m Trying the Run/Walk Training Method

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Why I’m Trying the Run/Walk Training Method

I've been running for about five years now. The goal of my first race was to run the entire thing. Zero walking allowed. I accomplished that goal and over the next few years worked on running smarter and faster.

It wasn't until I ran the Dopey Challenge that I even thought about walking during a race. I wasn't running those races for time, but I was still planning on running. When my friend Angela suggested we start doing some run/walk intervals during the challenge's half marathon, I agreed. We still had a ton of miles to run and wanted energy after each race to explore the Disney parks.

I finished those 48.6 miles and felt amazing. In fact, I'd never felt better post-race. Hmmm... maybe there's something to this run/walk thing.

Fast forward to today. I just started half marathon training for the Fall race season, and as I was creating my plan, I decided to give this whole run/walk thing a shot. Why? Run/walk makes sense when you're trying to save your legs while on vacation, but why do it for a normal race? Well, friends, that's exactly what I'm here to discuss!

Why I’m Trying the Run/Walk Training Method

1. I needed something new

I've been lacking the motivation to run (and workout in general) since my last race in February. I figured a brand-new type of plan would help motivate me to get back to it. New things are exciting, right? Since Jeff Galloway is the run/walk guru, I'm going off one of his half marathon training plans.

2. I love intervals

One think I've realized over the past few months is that I love intervals. Whether I'm running or strength training, I like workouts that allow me to push hard for a specific time or distance or number of reps and then get rewarded with a little rest. It helps break up the workout into smaller chunks and gives me mini goals to aim for. Using the run/walk method will give me just that. My goal, at least to start, is to run 4 minutes and walk for 45 seconds. I may adjust that after accessing where my pace is falling and how I'm feeling, but a few seconds off every few minutes sounds nice to me.

3. I want to run faster

Say what? How are you going to run faster if you're walking? Well, my hope is that I'll be able to push myself to run a little faster for four minutes if I know I have a walk break coming. The walk break will, of course, slow my per mile pace, but my hope is that over time I'll lengthen my running intervals and run faster.

4. I want to feel good post-race

Most races happen early in the morning. That means there is a whole day ahead of us after a race. I want to be able to go out and enjoy the day and not be dog-tired. I also want to prevent injury so that I can run for years to come. If that means taking walk breaks, then bring on the walking!

5. I've heard great things

I know a few runners and bloggers who have tried the run/walk method and have had a lot of success.

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Why I’m Trying the Run/Walk Training Method

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