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What To Do When Your OCD Symptoms Increase

By Finallygrowingup @mordechaikashuk

What To Do When Your OCD Symptoms Increase?

First things first, RELAX!  You can handle this.  Your whole world has not just suddenly collapsed around you.  Take  deep breath, now another, and one more.  There you go, a bit better, no?  Good


We all have time when our symptoms go up, and it is ALWAYS due to stress.  Look, in my country, Israel, we are always close to a war breaking out, or G-d forbid, a bomb going off on a bus, at a bus stop, etc. But now, we are truly on the bring of war.

Two major terrorist groups are uniting, and united they would be extremely powerful, and a great threat to our security. This of course can not be allowed to happen, and therefore, a war will most likely break out in the next couple of weeks. G-d forbid.  So my symptoms are WAY up, due to the great stress that I am under, and that all who live here are under.

While it is true, that I no longer have fear underlying my OCD actions, I still do exhibit the repetitive behaviors.  So I lock the door 3 times, fill up my cup from the water cooler to the count of 7 + one for good luck of course, and yes am still finding it difficult to decide which side of the pole to go around.

But listen.  NEVER EVER let the fact that you have OCD get you down, or allow it to make you feel as if you are different from anybody else.  Everyone has something, and most research agrees that pretty much everyone has some degree of OCD or another.

Sure, their symptoms may not be as noticeable as ours, but there are symptoms nonetheless!

Have a GREAT day!!!


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