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The Feeling of Impending Doom, and Joy of Second Round Fatherhood

By Finallygrowingup @mordechaikashuk

You know, I once heard it said that with a first child, everything is a major ordeal. Slight fever, rush them to the doctor, spitting up too much (and while you have absolutely no idea what too much is) off to the doctor, etc. Second child, you’ve been there, done that, and already know that Kid’s Tylenol works for just about everything, and as long as you get them their vaccines as scheduled, that you’re pretty much doing ok. And that with your third kid, unless  they are bleeding, G-d forbid, from every orifice in their body, your stance is pretty much; “I don’t care, you are still going to school!” lol.

My wife is about 13 weeks pregnant, B”H, out of that horrible and constantly worrisome first trimester danger zone, we had our first 3D ultrasound, and all seems well with both mom and prospective baby, thank G-d! But I think with all children, whether it is your first or 15th, you worry, at least until you are holding a living, breathing, and Be”H healthy baby in your arms upon completion of its birth. Healthy mom, healthy baby, that’s really all that I am concerned about. Be”H

There is, apparently, a 92% chance, based upon the doctor’s viewing of the Ultrasound results that we will be having a girl. Also, apparently, next month, on the 19th when we go for the second Ultrasound, that percentage will have increased to 99% accuracy, and then we will pretty much know for sure. I have known, since conception that it would be a girl; gut instinct, which I usually don’t have so strongly, so I knew it had to be correct. I will admit, however that I was secretly, and not so secretly praying for a boy. Why? One not so simple reason; girls are by FAR more expensive than boys, and stay that way all the way through to their weddings! Oy. Well, I suppose that it is what it is. And truth be told, we’ll be happy either way.

Parenthood is quite a complex thing. Scary and complex. You can’t go by books anymore, (though some still certainly try to) as we all know Dr. Spock, who utterly ruined an entire generation recanted everything in his books on his death-bed, saying; “I’m so very sorry, I was just so wrong about it all.” Parenting is hit and miss, you do what feels right, try not to make the same mistakes that your parents made with you (which after years of therapy, and the hindsight of an adult you now fully comprehend, have forgiven, and learned to own your part in), and do your utmost to keep your child; alive, well, fed, clothed, and reasonably happy.

And that’s about it. All parents can only do the best that they are capable of doing, and you know what, after we’ve screwed up raising them, just like our parents did, they can deal with it in therapy.

Just like we did.


And so, the circle of life goes on…

Ta for now, sys.


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