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What Do You Need To Live Your Best Life?

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

There are times when we wake up, and everything just seems to be going our way; we look and feel great, we’re in a good mood, and the world seems to be smiling with us. And then there are those days when the opposite is true: we just lack that spring in our step. And sometimes that’s just the way that it goes. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to leave your life up to chance. It’s possible to influence the quality of your existence, and what’s more — it’s not even that difficult. Below, we’re going to take a look at a few tried and tested tips that’ll lead to you living your best life.

What Do You Need To Live Your Best Life?

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A Positive Outlook

Life is half of what happens to us, half how we respond to those events. And really, you could probably take this a little bit further: attitude might just turn out to be the biggest player when it comes to our lives. It’s a bit of a cliche to extol the virtues of positive thinking, but it does work. Every morning, you have the choice to adopt a negative state of mind, or a positive state of mind. Choosing the latter will help you to face the day with gusto, and who knows what positive ripples might just follow your optimistic outlook?

Knowing Yourself

It’ll be difficult to live your best life if you’re forever trying to contort yourself into unnatural situations, ones that go against who you are. Of all the journeys that you’ll take in life, perhaps the most important is one of self-discovery. There’s a lot of value in trying new things and engaging in some introspection every now and again. Over time, you’ll come to learn who you really are, what you stand for, and what you want to do with your life. Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll be able to create a life in your image — and what could be better than that?

Plenty of Exercise

If you want to live your best life, then a good starting point is looking at the things that all humans need in order to feel thrived. Exercise, for example, is one such thing. We’re all so used to driving to work, sitting at a desk, and then watching television at night, and it’s easy to forget that this way of life would seem highly unusual to our ancestors. They moved a lot more than we do. Working up a sweat won’t just keep you fit and healthy, it’ll also give you more energy, and improve your mood — when we’re working out, mood-boosting chemicals are produced in the brain. So be sure to build exercise into your busy schedule.


Everyone has hopes and dreams, yet not everyone goes on to achieve them. While there can be some external circumstances that make it more difficult, usually the biggest factor in determining success or failure is self-confidence. Confidence plays an incredibly important role in how a person feels and what they’re capable of, yet it’s also hard to define and pin down. You know it when you have it, though. If this is one area where you struggle, then look at making a few changes. There are plenty of things you can do that can push your confidence levels in the right direction

Handling Issues

Your health and fitness are vitally important to anyone trying to live their best life. While you can exercise and limit the amount of junk food that you eat, it’s also important that you’re handling any issues that have the potential to derail the quality of your life. This might involve learning how to manage a genetic condition that you suffer from. It could be learning exercises for back pain, or stocking up on hearing aid batteries if you require a device to help you hear. No matter what your issue is, there will likely be something you can do to make it more manageable. 

A Broader Perspective

One of the reasons why so many people fail to live their best life is that they don’t realize how good they’ve got it. You may also be living an extraordinary existence, but if you don’t have the perspective to see it as such, then you’ll always be unfulfilled. Moving forward, look at broadening your perspective and practicing gratitude for all that you have. By looking at your life, you might just find that you’ve got everything you need right in front of you already.

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