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Wanna Talk About Doggie First Aid?

By Hikingwithheather @HikingHeather
Wanna Talk About Doggie First Aid?
The following morning after my last post, Mother Nature gifted us with 2.5" of wet snow. I woke up listening to the traffic below my bedroom window thinking the pavement sounded wet and assumed it was raining, however when I let Charlie outside to go potty I realized it was snow instead.
Anyway, we're making the best of it and trying to stay on our daily walking schedule regardless. Today we ventured down to the Eau Claire River Trail to see how the spring flooding is progressing.
Wanna Talk About Doggie First Aid?
By the time we arrived in late afternoon, we had the trail to ourselves and I let Charlie run off some energy off-leash. She had a major case of the "zoomies" and raced about. The receded flood water had washed up enormous amounts of sticks; Charlie was so happy!
Wanna Talk About Doggie First Aid?
Plus she seems extra-excited this time of year because the previously ice-covered waterways are now open and labs LOVE water! Her particular excitement always brings to mind the term "twitterpated" from the Disney movie, Bambi.
I realize this word is usually meant to describe "falling in love" or "being enamored with someone" but to me this word always makes me think how spring brings out a rejuvenated spirit in living things. Charlie was definitely twitterpated today.
With April being Pet First Aid Awareness Month and my reference of "twitterpated" (which also makes me think of Twitter), I hope you'll join our conversation on Twitter on Wednesday, 4/16/14 at 7:00pm (CST) to learn more about dog first aid at #AdventureDogChat, and while you're there follow me on Twitter at @HikingHeather. I'll be co-hosting the chat with Jessica from http://www.youdidwhatwithyourweiner.com/ (@YDWWYW).
See you there!

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