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Walking Vs Running

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Walking Vs RunningIn terms of weight loss? running is better. But that does NOT mean walking is not good for weight loss, because it is.
You can include walking into your life every single day. Most people walk all of the way or part way to work/school. Many people these days opt to take a taxi or drive themselves, and this is missing out on calorie burning! Walking doesn't burn thousands of calories, but it does burn calories! Unless you 'power walk', walking will not physically drain you of energy, so its a great exercise to add in every day. Instead of getting a taxi to the train station/school/work/university that you could actually walk within 10-20 minutes, then walk! If you work in a building that has a lift, take the stairs! If you work in a building where you have to get a lift up 25 floors, then walk up half way, and then get a lift the rest of the way. Its simple things like that, that will burn those extra calories every single day!
So, make small changes to your day to day lifestyle, that could in turn, make big changes to your body. Get walking! Use your legs!

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