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Vitamin D Foods: What You Need to Know Now

By Rojer @healthxwellness
Vitamin D Foods: What You Need to Know Now

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in the human body.

Best part of Vitamin D can be received by basking in the sun between 7 to 9 in morning hours. Sunlight is by far one of the best sources of vitamin D as your body  will automatically take only that amount which it requires and rejects the rest. This will help prevent the vitamin D toxicity.

While many people know the importance of calcium to bone health, fewer are aware that vitamin D is required for calcium to be absorbed effectively. In fact, if vitamin D is chronically low, weak bones, muscle weakness and even osteoporosis could occur even if calcium intake is normal.

Calcium absorption

Many few people know this fact that vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium by the body. Therefore people who are vitamin D deficient will suffer from weak bones and muscles and in some cases osteoporosis.

Immune system

Vitamin D influences the immunity of the body which in turn the killer T-cells of the immune system of body to fight against the bacteria and viruses attacking from outside.


Vitamin D inhibits the inflammation and controls many genes that controls the life and death of the cells. Therefore this vitamin controls many cell damage diseases like cancer, heart or multiple sclerosis and many others.

Rich Food Sources of vitamin D

Following foods are known to have good vitamin D quantities in them. These foods also bring several health benefits to the body. Let us discover their contributions.


Milk is the best source of vitamin D and good not only for children but adults too.

Egg Yolks

The yolk portion of eggs help to regulates the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and the brain. Further, it lowers the risk of cataract and helps in improving one’s nails and hair growth. This portion is high in vitamin D. Two large chicken eggs (100 g) contain about 87 IU, or 15 percent of what we need of vitamin D in a day.


Salmon improves the brain functioning and nervous system. It acts as an anti-depressant and hence, assists in relaxing the brain, increasing brain efficiency, and improving memory.

Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil improves the heart functioning by improving the elasticity of muscles and arteries. It also makes the blood thin and reduces the cholesterol levels in it.


Mushrooms reduce

  • hypertension
  • weight loss
  • migraine control
  • maintain metabolism

Mushrooms are known for their taste and lower calories.

Canned Sardines

They improve bone and heart health. They treat the inflammation and control the sugar levels of the body.


Cheese helps to make bones and teeth stronger as the calcium in cheese is absorbed by the body in the presence of vitamin D in it. It is helpful in preventing the damage to the enamel of the teeth.

Foods Rich in Vitamin D

Foods Rich in Vitamin D

Canned Tuna

These prevent the skin against the burns and cancers. Also they keep the skin moist and give it the natural look.


This nutritious fish with high vitamin D has 952 IU of it.

Cooked Liver

Liver of calf chicken and beef provides vitamin D and helps in bone growth, healthy skin and hair and reproduction.

Orange Juice

Elevated levels of vitamin D in oranges improve health and keep the diseases at bay. One half cup of fortified orange juice will provide 45 IU of vitamin D.

Morel mushrooms

They give around 159 IU of vitamin D but it has to be cooked before eaten.

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