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Vinyasa Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

By Rojer @healthxwellness

One of the best things about Vinyasa yoga is that it is full of diversity and variety. Each teacher has her own style of sequencing a Vinyasa yoga, so you always get a variation. This is very helpful as it keeps your body guessing what is necessary otherwise your body will just get used to whatever you do daily and won’t burn much calorie.

Vinyasa Yoga Poses

Vinyasa Yoga Poses

If you think that fitness is one thing that should have a level of comfort mounted on it, then this is the perfect type of yoga for you to incorporate. If you are seeking movement, with a variety of always changing yoga poses, then Vinyasa yoga is perfect for probably the right type of yoga for you personally. The most well-known vinyasa sequence is the sun salutation, a flowing series of lunging, bending, and stretching asanas. Here are some tips about the vinyasa yoga poses.

Sun poses

An hour of Sun Salutations can help you in burning up to 500 calories! There are different sequences followed by different yogis when it comes to Sun Salutations. Choose whichever you like best and whichever you think challenges your body effectively. But the important thing to look for is the sequence of Down Dog, Chaturanga and Upward Dog. These must be included. In fact many teachers use the word ‘Vinyasa’ for the flow of poses in a sun salutation between the two Down Dogs.

Fundamental Poses

It’s also plausible that your instructor might let you know to cycle through your vinyasas yoga, which basically implies that you should complete the fundamental Vinyasa exercise. Including the plank, chaturanga and the upward facing dog. This is the asanas that would constitute the sun salutation sequence that has been mentioned previously. Each and every asana mentioned, if done in the right order, has multiple potential benefits to it. Hence, you would want to try to benefit from all of them so that you don’t have almost anything to worry about when you are trying out different things to be fit.

Warrior yoga poses

Warrior yoga poses

Warrior poses

Warrior poses are generally thought to target only your lower body, but that is a myth. Warrior poses target your entire body, lower as well as upper. A Warrior Series generally includes all the three Warrior poses – Warrior I, Warrior II, and Warrior III. Along with these, the Extended Angle Pose, Side Extended Angle and Triangle Pose are also included in this series. These yoga poses stretch and strengthen the muscles at the same time.

Cobra poses

Inhale as you draw your breasts forward, keeping both hands underneath your shoulder muscles. Extend your legs along the floor and un-tuck your toes. Draw your shoulders back along with lift your breasts slightly. Keep your lower ribs on to the floor.

Table Top poses

This series is becoming popular among the yogi circles day by day. This flow generally includes the Table Top Pose, Awkward Table Top Pose and Cat-Cow Pose. It is great for building your abs and strengthening your core, and for toning the back.

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