• Why Don't You Espresso Yourself?

    Don't Espresso Yourself?

    Today, I'm sharing my slice of the web with Alison from Espresso Yourself. Espresso Yourself is a lifestyle blog with content related to beauty, fashion,... Read more

    Posted on 10 June 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • Uncomplicate Life in June

    Uncomplicate Life June

    This time last year I was in the midst of reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. At the time I thought it would be so good to sit down and really thin... Read more

    Posted on 06 June 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • A Whirlwind Weekend in California Part II

    Whirlwind Weekend California Part

    On Sunday we decided to visit the places we had wanted to spend more time at while taking the trolley and I made us look for at least one of The Real World... Read more

    Posted on 26 May 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • A Whirlwind Weekend in California Part I

    Whirlwind Weekend California Part

    In my 27 Tidbits About Me post I hinted that I had some pretty sweet plans for my third 27th birthday. I'm fortunate enough that my job required me to spend som... Read more

    Posted on 24 May 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • The One Where I Have a Problem

    Where Have Problem

    . . . a sleep problem that is!I was that kid who never wanted to sleep for fear of missing out on something and now I'm cursed with a kid who feels similarly.... Read more

    Posted on 20 May 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • Calling All Bachelorette Fans

    Calling Bachelorette Fans

    My ProposalI have this idea and maybe it's just totally stupid, but maybe just maybe someone else will also be excited about it. I love The Bachelor franchise. Read more

    Posted on 17 May 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • A Virtual Getaway to Vegas

    Virtual Getaway Vegas

    One thing I learned from my most recent getaway is that I am no good at anticipating what a certain temperature is going to feel like before I actually get... Read more

    Posted on 12 May 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • April 2016 Reading Roundup

    April 2016 Reading Roundup

    According to Goodreads I'm about 3 books behind on my goal of reading 100 books this year. When I saw that, I automatically assumed that I must not have read... Read more

    Posted on 10 May 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • The Fictional Moms I Want to Be

    Fictional Moms Want

    This Sunday is the wonderful Hallmark holiday, Mother's Day. I've only been a mother for a few short years, but already I can see how challenging it can be. Read more

    Posted on 06 May 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • How We Wore It // Summer Skirts

    Wore Summer Skirts

    Welcome to another round of How We Wore It! In case you are new around here or haven't yet run into this linkup here is a quick rundown. All of the participatin... Read more

    Posted on 05 May 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • 27 Tidbits About Me

    Today is my birthday and I'm doing something really fun, but you'll hear more about that next week. . .or the week after that.1 | I'm an INFJ - This is huge... Read more

    Posted on 28 April 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • Let's Talk About Poetry

    Let's Talk About Poetry

    I developed a bad taste for poetry sometime during high school. I think the exact moment was a poetry presentation in 10th(?) grade. Read more

    Posted on 26 April 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • So You Like NetGalley

    Like NetGalley

    I think we are almost to the point where everyone and their Grandma is using NetGalley to request advanced copies of books. If you have no idea what I am talkin... Read more

    Posted on 20 April 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • #InstaUplift - May 2016

    #InstaUplift 2016

    Late last year I decided that I wanted to make my social media usage more meaningful and uplifting. I wasn't sure how I was going to do that and actually took... Read more

    Posted on 18 April 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • April Golden Vlog

    April Golden Vlog

    I'm giving your eyes a rest today, so sit back and listen for my loud cat. April's Questions:1 | What is your biggest accomplishment that you are proud of?2 |... Read more

    Posted on 14 April 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • March 2016 Reading Roundup

    March 2016 Reading Roundup

    I swear this is just about last book post for the month! If you are on Goodreads, then we should be friends. My Life on the Road by Gloria SteinemThis memoir... Read more

    Posted on 12 April 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • February 2016 Reading Roundup

    February 2016 Reading Roundup

    I want to be ready for the monthly link up with Jana and Steph tomorrow so I'm catching up on all of my February reads right now. I promise after Tuesday I'll... Read more

    Posted on 11 April 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • January 2016 Reading Roundup

    January 2016 Reading Roundup

    I must confess that I was burned out from just about everything by the time 2016 rolled into town. We were in the midst of what seemed to be a never-ending... Read more

    Posted on 09 April 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • Paying Homage to Public Libraries

    Paying Homage Public Libraries

    National Library Week starts next week, so I wanted to be sure to pay tribute to all of the many libraries that have played a role my life. I can still... Read more

    Posted on 07 April 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • The Case for Letter Writing

    Case Letter Writing

    Sometimes the inspiration and wisdom you need to get you motivated enough to sit down and put words to your thoughts will come from the unlikeliest of sources.... Read more

    Posted on 31 March 2016 LIFESTYLE